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James Cameron Pushes Back

James Cameron Pushes Back "Avatar" Sequels

Citing the complexity of writing all three scripts simultaneously, the filmmaker revealed "Avatar 2" won’t be released until late 2017, a year later than planned.

SDCC: Avatar Brings the

SDCC: Avatar Brings the "Watchmen" of Horror to Life

Avatar's William Christensen and author Max Brooks discuss Alan Moore's new horror series, plenty from Garth Ennis and Justin Jordan's "Dark Gods."

Nickelodeon Pulls

Nickelodeon Pulls "Legend of Korra," Will Air Remaining Episodes Online

Nickelodeon has unexpectedly pulled the final five episodes of "Legend of Korra" Season 3 from its broadcast schedule, deciding instead to stream them online.


COMIC REEL: "The Flash" Gets Stuck in the Friend Zone; "Avatar" Sequel Writing Teams Revealed

New "The Flash" promo focuses on Barry & Iris' relationship; writers for the next three "Avatar" films are revealed & more.

Sometimes Movies Are So Iconic, They Don’t Need a Sequel

Sometimes Movies Are So Iconic, They Don’t Need a Sequel

Following news that plans are moving forward with a "Blade Runner" sequel, written by "Green Lantern's" Michael Green, Spinoff's Anna Pinkert makes a case for leaving some films just the way they are.

Would You Like to Play a Game?

Would You Like to Play a Game?

With the big-budget adaptation of "Ender's Game" on the horizon, Spinoff's Anna Pinkert looks back at cinema's often cringe-inducing depictions of video games, and gamers, on screen.

CBR TV @ NYCC: Richardson & Williamson Look to the Future of Dark Horse and Captain Midnight

CBR TV @ NYCC: Richardson & Williamson Look to the Future of Dark Horse and Captain Midnight

Dark Horse Publisher Mike Richardson and "Captain Midnight" writer Joshua Williamson spoke to CBR in New York about the time displaced hero's new journey and the company's future plans.

Is an Unproduced Screenplay the Next Great Comic Book?

Is an Unproduced Screenplay the Next Great Comic Book?

After the success of "Kevin Smith's Green Hornet" and "Frank Miller's Robocop," are there more hit comics in Hollywood's recycle bin? CBR News investigates the most likely candidates.

Wolfer Takes

Wolfer Takes "Night of the Living Dead" West

Mike Wolfer returns for another "Night of the Living Dead" miniseries from Avatar, taking the zombie threat to Death Valley. We spoke with him about this plans for the series and an annual Wolfer is drawing himself.

Lapham On

Lapham On "Crossed" and "Caligula"

David Lapham spoke with CBR about his adventures in Garth Ennis' "Crossed" universe, from "Family Values" to 2011's "Crossed 3D," "Psychopath" and historical horror miniseries "Caligula." Plus exclusive art!

SPINOFF: Is CGI Still A Problem For Audiences?

SPINOFF: Is CGI Still A Problem For Audiences?

"Avatar" and "TRON Legacy" offer new leaps forward in the realism of computer generated actors, but SPINOFF asks: will movies ever reach the point where you can't tell the difference between live and virtual?

SPINOFF: Cameron Announces

SPINOFF: Cameron Announces "Avatar" Sequels

Director James Cameron has settled on a deal with 20th Century Fox to direct back-to-back sequels to "Avatar," with Decembers 2014 and 2015 as the targeted release dates. SPINOFF has details.

SPINOFF: Where Is The Big Budget D&D Movie?

SPINOFF: Where Is The Big Budget D&D Movie?

"The Hobbit?" "Fairy Tales?" "Avatar?" What movies need now, according to SPINOFF, is a massive "Dungeons & Dragons" movie - so when will we finally see it?

Worthington Talks

Worthington Talks "Clash," "Avatar" Sequels

Actor Sam Worthington recently spoke about his involvement in the upcoming sequel to "Clash of the Titans" as well as the extended cut of "Avatar" and the possibilities of a big screen follow-up to the sci-fi hit.


Ennis' "Crossed" Hitting the Big Screen?

Garth Ennis' apocalyptic zombie series, "Crossed," is making fast tracks in Hollywood with Kevin Spacey's Trigger Street Productions taking a page from the "Kick-Ass" playbook to self-finance a big screen adaptation.

"Avatar" Overshadows "The Dark Knight"

At a worldwide gross of $1.84 billion and a $533.3 million domestic, "Avatar," a 20th Century Fox Production, is now the second highest grossing movie domestically. A spot previously held by the "Dark Knight."

CBR Games Roundup: December 2009

CBR Games Roundup: December 2009

The CBR Games Roundup is back once again with the highlights of December's video game releases. While it's a slow month overall, there are a few major releases, led by "Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks" and "The Saboteur."

CCI: Avatar

CCI: Avatar

James Cameron prepares to be “King of the Universe” with his film “Avatar," 20 minutes from which he previewed to thousands of fans at Comic-Con International in San Diego, and CBR News was there.

CCI: Christos Gage discusses

CCI: Christos Gage discusses "Absolution"

Christos Gage talks to CBR News about Avatar's "Absolution," which sees straight-and-narrow superhero John Dusk pushed over the edge by the horrors of his chosen profession.

Double-Crossed: Ennis & Burrows talk “Crossed”

Double-Crossed: Ennis & Burrows talk “Crossed”

CBR talks to Garth Ennis and Jacen Burrows about Avatar’s ultraviolent, post - apocalyptic survival tale, “Crossed," a zombieless horror story that Ennis says is "the most disturbing and f*cked up thing" he's ever written.