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PREVIEW: Marvel Paints the Town Red with

PREVIEW: Marvel Paints the Town Red with "AXIS: Carnage" #1

Rick Spears and German Peralta present a different side of Spidey's most psychotic foe when NYC finds a new protector in "AXIS: Carnage" #1!


Spears, "AXIS," Help "Carnage" Take a Stab at Superheroics

"AXIS: Carnage" writer Rick Spears discusses unleashing the morally "inverted" symbiote-enhanced serial killer on new prey: the criminals of NYC.

"AXIS: Carnage" & "AXIS: Hobgoblin" Miniseries Debut in October

Rick Spears & German Peralta take on "AXIS: Carnage" while Kevin Shinick & Javier Rodriguez cover "AXIS: Hobgoblin" for the upcoming Marvel Comics event.