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PREVIEW: "Batman and Robin" #16

DC Comics has released a preview of "Batman and Robin" #16, Grant Morrison's final issue on the title with Cameron Stewart on art and covers by Frank Quitely and Ethan Van Sciver. The issue hits November 3.


New "DCU Online" Pics, Video

Sony Online Entertainment has released a slew of screenshots from the upcoming "DCU Online" MMORPG, featuring the Scarecrow spreading mayhem in Gotham City, plus a fly-through of Metropolis Police Department.

Azzarello Travels To

Azzarello Travels To "Batman: Europa"

In a project teaming the writer with Jim Lee and a host of European artists, Brian Azzarello tells CBR how "Batman: Europa" works to the artistic strengths of the hero and spills details on his "100 Bullets" reunion.

Nolan Reveals

Nolan Reveals "Batman 3" Title, Knocks Riddler Rumors

The Dark Knight will "Rise" when he returns to theaters in 2012, but while he'll be bringing back much of the cast from his previous adventures, Batman won't face the Riddler in Christopher Nolan's next film.


PREVIEW: "Icons: The DC Comics & Wildstorm Art of Jim Lee"

Titan Books has provided CBR with a preview of "Icons: The DC Comics & Wildstorm Art of Jim Lee" including pages exclusive to CBR. "Icons" hits stores November 2.

Roberson Takes

Roberson Takes "Superman/Batman" Back to the Future

Chris Roberson spoke about his upcoming two-part "Superman/Batman" story resurrecting the System's Finest heroes of "DC One Million," from studying Grant Morrison's futuristic past to remixing the Silver Age.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Detective Comics" #870

Courtesy of DC Comics, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Detective Comics" #870. Written by David Hine with art bu Scott McDaniel and Andy Owens and a cover by Peter Nguyen, the issue hits October 27.

Cornell & McDaniel Team for

Cornell & McDaniel Team for "Batman and Robin"

DC Comics has announced Paul Cornell and Scott McDaniel will step in for three issues of "Batman and Robin" as Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason's planned debut on the title has been delayed. ROBOT 6 has details.

THE BAT SIGNAL: Frazer Irving

THE BAT SIGNAL: Frazer Irving

Frazer Irving, the artist on the acclaimed "Batman And Robin Must Die!" arc, explains how his history with Grant Morrison and Batman collided, why he's tired of Puritans and how he controls the visual tone of Gotham City.

THE BAT SIGNAL: Grant Morrison, Part II

THE BAT SIGNAL: Grant Morrison, Part II

In part two of our epic interview, Grant Morrison opens up about the BatFranchise changes under his stewardship and where it goes next from "Batman, Inc." to his future with Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne and more.

Circe Enchants

Circe Enchants "DC Universe Online"

Sony Online Entertainment and DC Entertainment have announced that Wonder Woman's longtime mystical nemesis Circe will work her magic on players in the world of the upcoming MMORPG, "DC Universe Online."

PRESS RELEASE: Sequart's "Batman '66" Book in Current "Previews" Catalog


PREVIEW: "Batman & Robin" #15

DC Comics has released a preview for "Batman & Robin" #15 by writer Grant Morrison with art and variant cover by Frazer Irving and a cover by Frank Quitely. The issue hits tomorrow, October 20.


PREVIEWS: "Batman Beyond," "Azrael" and "Ragman"

Courtesy of DC Comics, CBR presents a trio of previews for issues on sale tomorrow, October 20, including "Batman Beyond" #5, ""Azrael" #13 and the "Ragman: Suit of Souls" one-shot.

DC Comics Solicitations for January, 2011

DC Comics Solicitations for January, 2011

DC Comics has released solicitation information and images for new comics and products shipping in January 2011, including the latest from "Brightest Day," "Batman Inc.," the prelude to "Flashpoint" and much more.

VIDEO: New Batman: B&tB

VIDEO: New Batman: B&tB" Clips

Cartoon Network has released clips and images from the next two episodes of "Batman: The Brave and the Bold" - "Menace of the Madniks," which airs October 15 and "Emperor Joker," which airs October 22.


REVIEW: "The Return of Bruce Wayne" #5

CBR reviewer Chad Nevett gave DC Comics' "Return of Bruce Wayne" #5 a 4.5-star review calling Grant Morrison, Ryan Sook and Pere Pérez's issue "definitely worth the wait."

THE BAT SIGNAL: Grant Morrison

THE BAT SIGNAL: Grant Morrison

Grant Morrison stops by THE BAT SIGNAL for a two-part talk on where Batman has been and where he's going, the mythic elements driving the sci-fi ending of "Return of Bruce Wayne"and the revelation of Doctor Hurt's identity.

PRESS RELEASE: Vivid's "Batman XXX: A Porn Parody" Wins Multiple Nightmoves Awards

NYCC: The DC Artist Showcase

NYCC: The DC Artist Showcase

DC Comics artists Jim Lee, Francis Manapul, David Finch and Tony Daniel showed off their talent and answered questions during a special NYCC panel that allowed the audience to watch every step in the artistic process.


PREVIEW: "Return of Bruce Wayne" #5

Courtesy of DC Comics comes a look at this week's penultimate issue of Grant Morrison's time traveling Batman epic featuring a noir Bruce Wayne soliving hard-boiled mysteries as drawn by Ryan Sook.

NYCC: Golden/Silver Age Living Legends

NYCC: Golden/Silver Age Living Legends

Golden and Silver Age creators John Romita Sr., Jerry Robinson and Al Jaffee talk about their years in the comic book industry and the mentors and peers they have worked with at the New York Comic Con.

NYCC: Jim Lee Spotlight

NYCC: Jim Lee Spotlight

DC Comics Co-publisher Jim Lee was the focus of a special NYCC spotlight panel on Saturday where the creator discussed his work and career, offered advice and presented his new book "ICONS" to attending fans.


NYCC VIDEO: New "DCU Online" Trailer

Sony Online Entertainment and DC Entertainment have released a new sizzle trailer for New York Comic Con featuring new scenes and gameplay clips from the upcoming "DC Universe Online" MMORPG due out in 2011.

DC Releases Dual Advance Batman Previews

DC Releases Dual Advance Batman Previews

DC Comics has released a pair of Batman-themed advance previews, offering early looks at November's heavily anticipated "Batman Inc." #1 and "Batman: The Dark Knight" #1.

VIDEO: The Doom Patrol Visits

VIDEO: The Doom Patrol Visits "Batman: B&tB"

Cartoon Network and DC Entertainment have released screengrabs, video clips and a synopsis for the "Batman: The Brave and the Bold" episode titled "The Last Patrol" co-starring the Doom Patrol.

Azzarello & Lee Launch

Azzarello & Lee Launch "Batman: Europa"

A brand-new four-issue Dark Knight series from Brian Azzarello arrives this January taking Batman on a life-threatening team-up with the Joker across Europe, and Jim Lee will be there to draw chapter one.

PREVIEW: "Batman: Hidden Treasures"

DC Comics has released a preview of "Batman: Hidden Treasures" featuring stories by Ron Marz and Len Wein with art by Bernie Wrightson and Kevin Nowlan and a cover by Wrightson. The one-shot hits stores today.

When Words Collide - 10/4/2010

When Words Collide - 10/4/2010

This week, Tim reflects briefly on the Adam West "Batman" television show before going in-depth on the topic in a conversation with Jim Beard, editor of the upcoming anthology, "Gotham City 14 Miles."

"DC Universe Online" Delayed Until 2011

Sony Online has announced that they will be delaying the long anticipated "DC Universe Online" MMORPG until an undetermined date in early 2011, though beta testing opens on October 7.

PRESS RELEASE: Warner Bros. Records to Release Danny Elfman and Tim Burton 25th Anniversary Music Box in December

SPINOFF: Nolan Officially On

SPINOFF: Nolan Officially On "Batman 3"

Christopher Nolan has confirmed that he is on board to direct the next installment of the Batman series, a franchise he resurrected with "Batman Begins" and "The Dark Knight." SPINOFF has details.

Lauren Montgomery on

Lauren Montgomery on "Superman/Batman: Apocalypse"

The director of the latest Warner Bros. animated direct-to-DVD movie spoke with CBR News about bringing the popular story arc to video and how important it was to stay true to the source material.

The CBR Review:

The CBR Review: "Superman/Batman: Apocalypse"

"Superman/Batman: Apocalypse" offers a strong story, superb action and a surprising amount of comedy alongside the welcome return of Tim Daly and Kevin Conroy to their iconic roles.

Beechen's DC Double Shot

Beechen's DC Double Shot

Writer Adam Beechan divides his DC Universe time between the streets of Gotham City and a wild world of music and monsters with his "Commissioner Gordon" and "Nightmaster" one-shot stories hitting this fall.

The Sinestro Corps Joins

The Sinestro Corps Joins "DC Universe Online"

Sony and DC Entertainment have released new screenshots from "DCU Online" featuring several new locations including the JLA watchtower and Ace of Clubs as well as a battle between the Green Lantern and Sinestro Corps.

Grumpy Old Fan: Batman and WildStorm

Grumpy Old Fan: Batman and WildStorm

ROBOT 6's Tom Bondurant looks at DC Comics' December solicitations, contemplating this week's news about WildStorm and the number of Bat books that will hit stands.

Comic Book Legends Revealed!

Comic Book Legends Revealed!

This week, learn the strange history behind the origin of the Batcave!! Plus, what's Lucasfilm's problem with pacifism and what's the real story behind John Stewart's historic blunder in "Cosmic Odyssey?"


VIDEO: "DCU Online" Director's Cut Trailer

Jim Lee and Blur Studios director Tim Miller offer behind the scenes commentary for the newly released Director's Cut trailer for Sony Online Entertainment and DC Entertainment's "DC Universe Online."


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Hellboy: Masks and Monsters"

Courtesy of Dark Horse, CBR presents an exclusive look at "Hellboy: Masks and Monsters," October's collection of Hellboy's adventures with Batman, Starman and Ghost by Mike Mignola and others.