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Ben Edlund Says

Ben Edlund Says "The Tick" Live-Action Return "Being Pursued with Vigor"

Amid reports that Patrick Warburton will return as The Tick, franchise creator Ben Edlund confirmed that a live-action return is being pursued.


SDCC: "The Tick" Celebrates 25 Years of Making Evil Beware

"The Tick" creator Ben Edlund was joined by plenty of surprise guests at Comic-Con International in San Diego to celebrate the mightiest of the big blue heroes' birthday, the big twenty-five.

CBR TV: Ben Edlund Looks Back On

CBR TV: Ben Edlund Looks Back On "The Tick," Teases Comics Return

"The Tick" creator Ben Edlund spoke with CBR TV at about the early success with the nigh-invulnerable one and teased his possible return to comics with a new project.

Benito Cereno Crosses

Benito Cereno Crosses "The Tick" With "Madman"

Continuing the 100th issue saga that started with Robert Kirkman's Invincible, writer Benito Cereno welcomes Mike Allred's Madman to "The Tick" while investigating the death of Arthur and musing on Ben Edlund's original comics.

CCI: The Ben Edlund Panel

CCI: The Ben Edlund Panel

Ben Edlund, creator of "The Tick" and current "Supernatural" writer, spent a wacky 60 minutes getting into his 20-year TV career with cohorts Shadoe Stevens, Doc Hammer & Jackson Publick.

CBR TV: Adam Glass On

CBR TV: Adam Glass On "Suicide Squad," Harley Quinn & Angry Fans

Adam Glass spoke with CBR TV about writing the CW's "Supernatural" and DC Comics' "Suicide Squad," the fan reactions and personal threats he's received over the New 52 take on Harley Quinn and much more.