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COMIC REEL: Manganiello, Sinise Rumored For

COMIC REEL: Manganiello, Sinise Rumored For "Suicide Squad"; Bettany Talks "Age Of Ultron"

Joe Manganiello may be up for Deathstroke; Paul Bettany talks going red for the Vision role and more.

McKenzie Says

McKenzie Says "Gotham's" Gordon Will Become 'Tough, Smart, Ruthless'

Ben McKenzie discusses the changes in Jim Gordon, and how his current relationship with Bruce Wayne may one day impact his partnership with Batman.

Oswald Cobblepot is

Oswald Cobblepot is "Alive & Well" in New "Gotham" Teaser

Ben McKenzie and Robin Lord Taylor discuss the latest Penguin-related twists set to impact this Monday's episode of Batman prequel "Gotham."

COMIC REEL: Eisenberg Rumored For

COMIC REEL: Eisenberg Rumored For "Suicide Squad"; "Walking Dead" Spin-Off Finds Director

Lex Luthor may play a role in DC's upcoming super villain team-up; "Fringe's" Adam Davidson will helm the new zombie drama and more.


New "Gotham" Featurette Teases Growing Mob War in Batman-less City

A look behind the scenes of Fox's Batman drama preps viewers for war between the Falcone and Maroni mob families with Penguin in the middle.

"Gotham" Recap: Will There Be Light?

With a kitchen sink approach to characters and a reliance on an ultra-serious tone, Fox's "Gotham" walks a rough line but holds a few intriguing twists.

McKenzie Promises Jim Gordon Will Be

McKenzie Promises Jim Gordon Will Be "Gotham's" Grounded, Realistic Moral Center

Ben McKenzie describes the series' take on the iconic cop as a realistically idealistic defender of a pre-costumed hero and villain inhabited "Gotham."

SDCC: McKenzie Discusses Becoming

SDCC: McKenzie Discusses Becoming "Gotham's" Jim Gordon

"Gotham's" Ben McKenzie spoke at Comic-Con International about bringing a fresh spin to Jim Gordon and joining television's growing DC Universe.

"Gotham's" Ben McKenzie Promises a Jim Gordon Whose Moral Compass Will Be Tested

The former "Southland" star takes on a more iconic cop role as he explores a whole new back story for Gotham City's most steadfast lawman.

Gordon Takes a Stand in Latest

Gordon Takes a Stand in Latest "Gotham" Promo

The "Gotham" promotion continues a week before Comic-Con, with the show's James Gordon, Ben McKenzie, narrating a new 45-second promo.

Poison Ivy, The Riddler Feature in New

Poison Ivy, The Riddler Feature in New "Gotham" Character Images

New character posters for Fox's "Gotham" tease the pre-Batman looks for a young Poison Ivy and a suave-looking Riddler.


Latest "Gotham" Clip Spotlights Budding Supervillains

"Gotham" promotion continues with a 30-second clip spotlighting the show's young versions of Catwoman and Penguin, plus gang boss Fish Mooney.

"Gotham" Featurette Teases World Building, New Characters & Joker

"Gotham" showrunner Bruno Heller and the cast of "Gotham" discuss what to expect from the upcoming Batman prequel television series.

McKenzie, Logue Feature in

McKenzie, Logue Feature in "Gotham" Character Photos

With "Gotham" set for Fox's fall 2014 season, the network has released new photos of the show's cast, including Ben McKenzie, Donal Logue and more.

Ben McKenzie Shares First

Ben McKenzie Shares First "Gotham" Cast Photo

Now that "Gotham" is official for Fox's 2014-2015 schedule, series lead Ben McKenzie revealed the first promo photo of the show's full cast.

UPDATE: Fox Gives

UPDATE: Fox Gives "Gotham" a Series Order, Releases Extended Trailer

Fox has picked up Batman prequel series "Gotham" as the third new drama for its 2014-2015 television season. UPDATED with extended, 2-minute trailer.

"Gotham" Promo Photos Continue with Ben McKenzie as Gordon

The latest "Gotham" reveal sees the first official look at Ben McKenzie as the Fox show's lead character, Detective James Gordon.

Gordon, Bullock, Penguin Appear in First Set of

Gordon, Bullock, Penguin Appear in First Set of "Gotham" Set Pics

New, spoilery "Gotham" photos offer a first glance of Harvey Bullock and Oswald Cobblepot along with series lead Detective Jim Gordon.

"Gotham" Casts Ben McKenzie as James Gordon

"The O.C." and "Southland" alum will star in the Fox drama that will also follow a pre-teen Bruce Wayne and the rise of Batman's greatest villains.


CCI: "Batman: Year One" Premiere Panel Recap

Following a screening of the upcoming animated "Batman: Year One" film, executive producer Bruce Timm announced that next up is "The Dark Knight Returns."

"Batman: Year One" Animated Details Hit

Ben McKenzie's Bruce Wayne and Bryan Cranston's James Gordon headline the animated adaptation of Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli's "Batman: Year One" with Eliza Dushku and Katee Sackhoff as the first stills hit the web.

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