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TV Legends Revealed:

TV Legends Revealed: "Big Bang Theory's" Sheldon Originally Had a Sex Drive

Brian Cronin looks back to the original pilot for the "The Big Bang Theory" to discover some characters fans would barely recognize.

Comic Book Easter Eggs: Wolverine Meets

Comic Book Easter Eggs: Wolverine Meets "Big Bang Theory" Cast

In the latest edition of CSBG's Easter egg spotlight, check out Wolverine meeting the cast of the "Big Bang Theory," plus a Marvel graffiti easter egg bonanza by Butch Guice in the pages of "Micronauts."

New York Toy Fair 2013: Adam West

New York Toy Fair 2013: Adam West "Batman," "Game of Thrones" & More

While Adam West's "Batman" series made a huge impression from many companies, other shows like "Ultimate Spider-Man," "The Big Bang Theory" and "Game of Thrones" joined in on the Toy Fair fun.

Comic Book Easter Eggs: The DCU Gets

Comic Book Easter Eggs: The DCU Gets "Big Bang Theoried"

In this week's spotlight on comic easter eggs, we take a look at an amusing cameo by the cast of "Big Bang Theory" in the DC Universe, an obscure European comic reference in the pages of "Silver Surfer" and more.

CCI: Love,

CCI: Love, "Big Bang Theory" Style

At Comic-Con International, the cast and writers of "The Big Bang Theory" spoke to fans about the upcoming fourth season of the popular CBS sitcom, the future of the show's characters, Sheldon’s love life and more.


CCI: "The Big Bang Theory"

From the temperature at which ice water starts to warm, to Pluto's status as a planet, robotic rules and the to the Doppler effect, this panel lived up to it's name with science and pop culture references galore.

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