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Comics A.M. - Remembering Maurice Sendak; IDW's Digital Sales

Comics A.M. - Remembering Maurice Sendak; IDW's Digital Sales

Remembering "Where the Wild Things Are" author Maurice Sendak. IDW President Ted Adams talks digital sales, more! Alex Ross honored by American Academy of Art! Bill Willingham talks "Fables"! Plus more!

When Words Collide - 4/30/2012

When Words Collide - 4/30/2012

Tim looks back on his comic book youth and wonders where he found some of the things that would be such a strong formative influence on him, like a little series by Bill Willingham and Mike Gustovich. Like "The Justice Machine."

C2E2: Vertigo: New Blood

C2E2: Vertigo: New Blood

Vertigo's C2E2 panel was packed with a who's who of its top talent, with Scott Snyder to Bill Willingham and more discussing upcoming twists and turns, plus the announcement of new ongoing series, "Collider."

C2E2: First Comics Is Back in Action

C2E2: First Comics Is Back in Action

First Comics, one of the pioneering indie comic book publishers of the 1980s, returns with an eclectic lineup of new works and collections of their original comics -- plus a bold plan to bypass Diamond.

PRESS RELEASE: Hero Initiative Hits Chicago for C2E2 2012

ECCC12: Vertigo: New Blood Panel

ECCC12: Vertigo: New Blood Panel

At Emerald City Comicon, Vertigo creators Bill Willingham, Mike Allred, Dustin Nguyen, and more discussed the end of "iZombie", "Fables'" 10th anniversary and upcoming projects including "Shooters."

ECCC12: DC All Access Panel

ECCC12: DC All Access Panel

DC Comics’ visit to Emerald City Comicon found Bill Willingham, Chris Burnham, and Dustin Nguyen dishing about Grant Morrison density, the consequences of speed... and the importance of dental hygiene.

PRESS RELEASE: Hero Initiative Hosts Bowling Party at Emerald City Comic Con


REVIEW: "Fables" #115

Greg McElhatton gives "Fables" #115 by Bill Willingham and Mark Buckingham 4 stars, saying, "If this current storyline is any indication, we're in for a strong ride."

COVER PROCESS: Phil Jimenez's

COVER PROCESS: Phil Jimenez's "Fairest" #1 Cover

After the launch of Vertigo's newest series "Fairest," artist Phil Jimenez unveils his process for his cover to the "Fables" spinoff, from the beauty of Briar Rose to the cold cruelness of the Snow Queen.

Telltale Games' Future Brightens With

Telltale Games' Future Brightens With "The Walking Dead" and "Fables"

Telltale Games co-founder and CEO Dan Connors reveals details the company's big push for games based on Robert Kirkman's "The Walking Dead" and Bill Willingham's "Fables" for 2012.

PREVIEW: Willingham's

PREVIEW: Willingham's "Fairest" #2

DC has released a preview of "Fairest" #2 by Bill Willingham with art by Phil Jimenez. The adventures of Ali Baba, Sleeping Beauty and the Snow Queen continue April 4.

Adam Hughes Reveals Frosty Cover Art for

Adam Hughes Reveals Frosty Cover Art for "Fairest" #3

Adam Hughes has revealed his Snow Queen-starring cover for the third issue of "Fairest," Vertigo’s upcoming "Fables" spinoff series that will spotlight such female characters as Rapunzel, Snow White and Rose Red.

Willingham Picks the

Willingham Picks the "Fairest" for "Fables" Spinoff

"Fables" mastermind Bill Willingham spoke to CBR about “Fairest,” his long-term plans for the spinoff, and how using fairytales helped him overcome his shortcomings as a writer.

"Once Upon a Time" Creators Talk Willingham, Lindelof & Icons

"Lost" veterans Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz talk with Spinoff Online about their ABC drama "Once Upon a Time," "Fables" creator Bill Willingham and finding the heart of fairy-tale characters.

Guay Spreads Wings with

Guay Spreads Wings with "A Flight of Angels"

Artist Rebecca Guay spoke to CBR News about her new Vertigo Comics title, "A Flight Of Angels," featuring stories by Bill Willingham and Holly Black and focusing on fallen angels.

Bill Willingham on

Bill Willingham on "Fables" vs "Once Upon A Time"

"Fables" creator Bill Willingham goes on the record exclusively with CBR News to dispel continuing rumors and beliefs that ABC's "Once Upon A Time" is in any way a theft of his Vertigo title.

CBR TV @ CCI: Willingham on

CBR TV @ CCI: Willingham on "Fables," "Fairest"

"Fables" creator Bill WIllingham spoke with CBR TV about his acclaimed series, the current status of it's TV deal, the upcoming video game, the newest ongoing spinoff tile "Fairest" and much, much more.

CCI: First Comics Panel

CCI: First Comics Panel

First Comics did not try to overdo the announcement of their reemergence at their Comic-Con International panel, instead focusing on producing quality material and allowing that work to be its own proclamation.


CCI: "Fables" Creators Panel Recap

Bill Willingham and a cast of creators responsible for DC/Vertigo’s Fables Universe tease upcoming arcs, the spinoff series "Fairest" and a new "Fables" game

CCI EXCLUSIVE: Willingham & Vertigo Announce

CCI EXCLUSIVE: Willingham & Vertigo Announce "Fables" Spinoff

"Fables" writer Bill Willingham teams with Phil Jimenez, award-winning sci-fi novelist Lauren Beukes and others on "Fairest," a new spinoff for his acclaimed franchise.

CCI: Vertigo Editorial Panel

CCI: Vertigo Editorial Panel

Blurb: Vertigo Executive Editor Karen Berger took to the stage at San Diego's Comic-Con International with some of Vertigo's leading writers and artists to tell fans what to expect from the DC imprint starting this fall.

Moore on

Moore on "Rachel Rising," "Echo," Digital Comics and More

Terry Moore spoke with CBR about the conclusion of "Echo," the premiere of "Rachel Rising," his "How to Draw Women" book and "Fables" before offering a critique on the status of digital comics.

Ryall Takes Stock Of IDW's

Ryall Takes Stock Of IDW's "Angel" Run

In a special wrap up interview exploring six years of Joss Whedon's vampire hero in comics, IDW EiC Chris Ryall discusses the publisher bringing "Angel" back, the story behind "After The Fall" and the role of canonicity.

C2E2: Spotlight on Bill Willingham

C2E2: Spotlight on Bill Willingham

"Fables" creator and writer Bill Willingham spun tales of childhood revelations and talked about his favorite characters from the popular Vertigo comic series during his recent C2E2 spotlight panel.

C2E2: Vertigo Panel

C2E2: Vertigo Panel

The end of "Jack of Fables," new story arcs for "American Vampire," and Jill Thompson's "Endless Storybook" were all on the menu for the Vertigo panel, which butler-for-a-day Bill Willingham adding a touch of class.

Willingham Unleashes Capes & Tights on

Willingham Unleashes Capes & Tights on "Fables"

Series creator Bill Willingham spoke with CBR News about who will answer roll call in the new "Fables" arc titled "Super Team," as a group of elite Fables head into battle against the evil Mister Dark.

"Fables" Crew Gets a Super Hero Makeover

The latest "Fables" story arc bring capes and cowls to the denizens of Fabletown and today Vertigo Comics offered a preview of covers and interior art giving a glimpse into "Super Group."


REVIEW: "Fables" #100

Greg McElhatton gave "Fables" #100 a 4 star review, calling the oversized package helmed by by creator Bill Willingham and longtime artist Mark Buckingham "a great celebration of 'Fables' hitting its 100th issue."

The Great

The Great "Fables" Crossover Interview

As "Fables" reaches its landmark issue #100, CBR spoke with with creator Bill Willingham about the Eisner Award-winning title with "Jack of Fables" writer Matt Sturges stopping by to discuss the spinoff series' finale.



Courtesy of Vertigo, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Fables" #100. The oversized milestone issue is written by creator Bill Willingham with art by Mark Buckingham, Chrissie Zullo and more with a cover by Joao Ruas.

Willingham Tells A Tale Of

Willingham Tells A Tale Of "The Warriors Three"

The creator of "Fables," Bill Willingham will be writing a new "Warriors Three" three-issue miniseries for Marvel Comics. Joined by artist Neil Edwards, the new title is set to debut in November.

CCI: Vertigo: On the Edge

CCI: Vertigo: On the Edge

The creative forces between DC Comics' Vertigo imprint took to the CCI stage to discuss the company's various titles and what's to come in popular titles such as "Daytripper," "Unknown Soldier," "Fables" and more.


CCI: "Fables" Panel

Bill Willingham and the rest of the "Fables" crew discussed the 100th issue of the long-running Vertigo series, "Jack of Fables," "House of Mystery" and more at their Comic-Con International panel.



Courtesy of IDW, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Angel" #34, written by Bill Willingham and Bill Williams with art by Elena Casagrande. The issue is due in stores this Wednesday, June 23.



Courtesy of IDW Publishing, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Angel" #33 from the creative team of Bill Willingham and Elena Casagrande with covers by Jenny Frison and David Messina. The issue hits stores on May 26.


PREVIEW: "Justice Society of America" #38

Courtesy of DC Comics, CBR brings you an advance look at "Justice Society of America" #38 by Bill Willingham and Jesus Merino & Jesse Delperdang, on sale April 28.

C2E2: Bill Willingham Spotlight

C2E2: Bill Willingham Spotlight

"Fables," "Angel" and "JSA" writer Bill Willingham pledged one spoiler per project during his C2E2 panel and subsequently revealed to fans a marriage in store for Snow White, new prophecies for Spike and more.

C2E2: DC Universe Panel

C2E2: DC Universe Panel

Brian Azzarello, James Robinson, Bill Willingham, Paul Levitz, and editor Ian Sattler took the stage at C2E2 to discuss their current and upcoming projects, including "Justice League," Legion of Super Heroes," and "First Wave."

C2E2: Vertigo Panel

C2E2: Vertigo Panel

Karen Berger laid out the next few months of plans for DC's literary imprint with a panel including Bill Willingham, Peter Straub and Cliff Chiang, who shared the story of his career-steering email from Neil Young.