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ECCC EXCLUSIVE: Walters Builds

ECCC EXCLUSIVE: Walters Builds "Mass Effect: Foundation" At Dark Horse

Hot on the tails of Dark Horse's announcement of its "Mass Effect: Foundation" ongoing, CBR spoke exclusively with "Mass Effect 3" writer Mac Walters about its connection to the game and role in expanding the ME universe.

NYCC: Neil Druckman, Faith Erin Hicks & Dark Horse Introduce

NYCC: Neil Druckman, Faith Erin Hicks & Dark Horse Introduce "The Last of Us"

Dark Horse Comics' capped its video game-based comics panel at NYCC with Neil Druckmann and Faith Erin Hicks announcing and discussing their upcoming comic adaptation of "The Last of Us."

PRESS RELEASE: Dark Horse Announces BioWare Store at CCI 2012

David Gaider brings

David Gaider brings "Dragon Age"to Dark Horse Digital

BioWare's David Gaider talks to ROBOT 6 about the direct-to-digital "Dragon Age" series that kicked off last Wednesday on Dark Horse's digital comics service.

Mac Walters Fortifies

Mac Walters Fortifies "Mass Effect: Invasion"

"Mass Effect" lead writer Mac Walters discusses the latest Dark Horse miniseries, "Invasion," tying into the game and the challenges and rewards of branching storylines.

NYCC: David Gaider Brings

NYCC: David Gaider Brings "Dragon Age" Back to Comics

David Gaider, Lead Writer of BioWare's "Dragon Age" video games, brings the fantasy series back to comics in February at Dark Horse. CBR spoke with him about the comic series.

PRESS RELEASE: Bioware and Dark Horse Unveil Special Edition "Mass Effect" Comic at New York Comic Con

C2E2: Dark Horse Video Games & Comics

C2E2: Dark Horse Video Games & Comics

Promising a new series in 2011, the Dark Horse team predicted an expanded "Mass Effect" universe that will rival "Star Wars" in size and scope in the coming years during their Friday panel at C2E2.

The Parallels of RPGs & Comic Books

The Parallels of RPGs & Comic Books

While the medium of video games is unarguably more interactive than that of comic books, game developer BioWare weighed in with CBR News on the similarities between their respective approaches to storytelling.

CCI: Walters Returns for

CCI: Walters Returns for "Mass Effect: Evolution"

Dark Horse announced today that "Mass Effect" head writer Mac Walters would return for another miniseries set in the sprawling sci-fi universe. We spoke with Walters about "Mass Effect: Evolution."

PRESS RELEASE: Dark Horse to Give First Look at "Mass Effect: Evolution" at Comic-Con

PRESS RELEASE: Lengendary Pictures Options Film Rights to EA and Bioware's "Mass Effect"

The Dawning of

The Dawning of "Star Wars: The Old Republic"

BioWare's Robert Chestney teams with artist Alex Sanchez and Dark Horse for "The Threat of Peace," the first arc of the six-issue "Star Wars: The Old Republic" series setting the stage for the upcoming MMORPG.

Aaron Johnston Enters The Dragon Age

Aaron Johnston Enters The Dragon Age

IDW and EA are launching a new ongoing "Dragon Age" comic series based on the popular roleplaying game. Series co-writer Aaron Johnston spoke with CBR this week about how the book will tie into the "Dragon Age" universe.

Miller and Francia on

Miller and Francia on "Mass Effect" Sellouts

CBR News spoke with script writer John Jackson Miller and artist Omar Francia about "Mass Effect: Redemption's" success so far and Dark Horse provided us with an exclusive preview of issue #3.

Walters and Francia on

Walters and Francia on "Mass Effect: Redemption"

"Mass Effect 2" hits stores in late January and BioWare and Dark Horse have teamed up to whet fans' appetites with "Mass Effect: Redemption." CBR spoke with writer Mac Walters and artist Omar Francia about the series.

Process of the Artist: Omar Francia on

Process of the Artist: Omar Francia on "Mass Effect"

Artist Omar Francia walked CBR News through the artistic process he used to create the world of "Mass Effect: Redemption," Dark Horse's January-debuting mini-series based on the popular Bioware video game.