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Image's "Sex" #1 "Black Kiss II," "XXXombies" Approved For iOS Post-"Saga" #12

Previously unavailable through comiXology on iOS, Image Comics' "Sex" #1, "Black Kiss II" and "XXXombies" are now all available through comiXology on iOS devices following the controversy surrounding "Saga" #12.

Diamond U.K. Drops Chaykin's

Diamond U.K. Drops Chaykin's "Black Kiss II" Over Content Concerns

Less than three weeks after British customs agents temporarily held Howard Chaykin’s sexually explicit "Black Kiss II"#1, Diamond U.K. has decided to stop importing the series due to concerns about its graphic content.

Howard Chaykin Puckers Up For

Howard Chaykin Puckers Up For "Black Kiss II"

Writer and artist Howard Chaykin returns to the sexually-graphic, vampire-filled world of "Black Kiss" for a sequel 24 years after the original series hit stands and shocked the industry.

PRESS RELEASE: Chaykin's "Black Kiss II" Debuts From Image In August

EXCLUSIVE: Image Comics Solicitations For August, 2012

EXCLUSIVE: Image Comics Solicitations For August, 2012

Image Comics has provided CBR with a look at its August solicitations, featuring solicit text and previews of "The Walking Dead," "Saga," "Black Kiss II" and many more.