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Wesley Snipes Reflects on

Wesley Snipes Reflects on "Blade" and Its Influence on Marvel

The "Expendables 3" actor points to his time as the day-walking vampire hunter as the launch point for Marvel’s current success.

Marvel Inadvertently Leaks

Marvel Inadvertently Leaks "Mighty Avengers" Mystery Member ID

A downloadable script of Al Ewing's "Mighty Avengers" #1 has revealed the identity of Spider Hero, the mysterious member of the new Avengers team.



"Ultimate Spider-Man" supervising producer Cort Lane talks about bringing Blade and the Howling Commandoes into Spidey's animated Marvel world in a two-part Halloween special.

Terry Crews Sharpens Blade for

Terry Crews Sharpens Blade for "Ultimate Spider-Man"

"The Expendables 3" and "Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2" star Terry Crews spoke with CBR about bringing Blade to life for "Ultimate Spider-Man" and clarifies his recent Luke Cage comments.


VIDEO: "Ultimate Spider-Man" & The Howling Commandos Invade Dracula's Castle

Spidey and S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Howling Commandos invade Dracula's castle on the special, 1-hour Halloween episode of "Ultimate Spider-Man," airing October 5 at 9PM on the Disney Channel.

Blade, Man-Thing Guest-Star on

Blade, Man-Thing Guest-Star on "Ultimate Spider-Man" Halloween Special

Blade, Man-Thing and other Marvel monsters form the Howling Commandos on an all-new "Ultimate Spider-Man" Halloween special airing Oct. 5 on the Disney Channel, featuring guest voices Terry Crews, Oded Fehr and more.

Marvel Reportedly Has Scripts for

Marvel Reportedly Has Scripts for "Blade" Reboot, "Captain Marvel" Film

In addition to the previously mentioned "Doctor Strange," "Iron Fist," "Black Panther" and "Runaways" projects, Marvel reportedly has scripts for a "Blade" reboot and a "Captain Marvel" feature.

"Marvel Pinball" Goes To the Third Dimension

Nintendo 3DS owners will soon get fully-realized pinball action with "Marvel Pinball 3D" featuring Iron Man, Blade, Captain America and the Fantastic Four.


NYCC: "X-Men," "Blade" Anime Panel

Head of Marvel Television Jeph Loeb brought NYCC fans up to speed on the studio's anime adaptations of "X-Men" and "Blade" with a screening of the former and announcement of Harold Parrineau as the voice of Blade.

Gene Colan Dead at the Age of 84

Gene Colan Dead at the Age of 84

A comics industry legend has passed away. Gene Colan, known best for his work on Daredevil and co-creating the character Blade, has died at the age of 84.

Bumping the

Bumping the "Marvel Pinball" Table with ZEN Studios

Iconic characters, 3-D animated characters, bumpers and silver balls all mean another ZEN Studios game, this time based on the Marvel U. CBR talks to ZEN's Mel Kirk about their latest effort.



Marvel Comics has released a first, unlettered look at the art for "X-Men" #5 – the November-shipping penultimate chapter of the "Curse of the Mutants" arc – with Cyclops and Blade taking on vampire Wolverine and more.

NYCC: Marvel Anime Panel

NYCC: Marvel Anime Panel

The "Iron Man" anime doesn't premiere on G4 until next summer, but fans were treated to a glimpse, as well as other Marvel anime efforts at the New York Comic Con, and CBR News has all the details.

Millar Makes The Avengers Horrific

Millar Makes The Avengers Horrific

"Ultimate Avengers 3" brings the latest twist on the Ultimates this week and Mark Millar told us why Steve Dillon is perfect for superhero vampire action and why the new Ultimate Daredevil rocks yellow. Plus exclusive art!

Cornell Plots

Cornell Plots "Spitfire" a Bloody Good Time in NYC

In August's "Spitfire" one-shot, writer Paul Cornell sends the titular character and Blade, her lover and MI-13 teammate, to the streets of NYC on a secret mission for the British government.

Blade Is An X-Man?

Blade Is An X-Man?

Marvel has released a third "We are the X-Men" themed teaser image, with the Marvel Universe's premiere vampire hunter Blade making the cut, alongside the young mutant at the center of "Second Coming," Hope.

Spider-man, Midnight, Mass, Torso: August 17th Comic Reel

Spider-man, Midnight, Mass, Torso: August 17th Comic Reel

Sony prepares for a fifth and sixth "Spider-man." Television wants to go to "Midnight, Mass" and a "Torso" might be floating down the river. All this plus the Wonder Twins, "The Losers" and more.

Blade Prequel, Watchmen, G.I. Joe: July 7th Comic Reel

Blade Prequel, Watchmen, G.I. Joe: July 7th Comic Reel

Stephen Dorff returns for a "Blade" prequel? Meanwhile, "Watchmen" leaked to the Internet. G.I. Joe comes to Japan, and "Proof" presents itself. All this plus another Stan Lee cameo and more.

PRESS RELEASE: Every episode of "Blade: The Series" now available on Joost

MI:13 Agent Profile - Blade? Cornell talks

MI:13 Agent Profile - Blade? Cornell talks "Captain Britain"

The cast of Marvel's hit "Captain Britain and MI:13" grows by one in September, when none other than Blade the Vampire Hunter joins the team. Writer Paul Cornell tells CBR about his plans.

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