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The Mission - 2/23/2015

The Mission - 2/23/2015

Joseph Illidge compare BOOM! Studios's new "Strange Fruit" series to other Black Superman stories in comics.

Marvel Adds

Marvel Adds "Mighty" New "Avengers" Series

Writer Al Ewing and artist Greg Land deliver on the promise of a "Mighty Avengers" title as Marvel Comics announces the new series featuring Luke Cage, Monica Rambeau, the Blue Marvel and more.

White Tiger & Power Man Finalize Marvel's

White Tiger & Power Man Finalize Marvel's "Mighty"

Marvel Comics has released the final "Mighty" teaser for Luke Cage's defenders of Earth during "Infinity," finalizing the roster with White Tiger and Power Man.


Marvel's "Mighty" Team Recruits The Blue Marvel, She-Hulk

Marvel Comics has revealed the latest incarnation of its "Mighty" teaser, revealing Adam the Blue Marvel and She-Hulk as the newest members on the roster of Luke Cage's "Infinity" team.

The Buy Pile - 2/12/2009

The Buy Pile - 2/12/2009

Just barely winning even with six jumps because there were big, big problems from Patsy Walker, "Trinity," "Avengers/Invaders" and Blade's hairdo, plus "Whatver Happened to The Caped Crusader" and more.

The Buy Pile - 11/6/2008

The Buy Pile - 11/6/2008

Things go well as giant robots smash, alternatee realities fascinate, assassins work for their payments plus "Ultimatum," "Final Crisis: Resist," "El Diablo," a "Transformers" spotlight on Blurr and so much more.

PRESS RELEASE: Marvel asks: "Who is the Blue Marvel?"

CCI: The 'Return' of

CCI: The 'Return' of "The Blue Marvel"

Kevin Grevioux and Mat Broome will team on "Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel," a six-issue miniseries starting in November based on an original concept by Grevioux, set squarely in Marvel Universe.