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PRESS RELEASE: Evel Knievel To Confront New Adventures in Comic Book Series

PRESS RELEASE: Bluewater Recounts the History of the Three Stooges

Comics A.M. - Comic Sales Up in August; CDC Looks to Motion Comics to Fight HIV

Comics A.M. - Comic Sales Up in August; CDC Looks to Motion Comics to Fight HIV

Direct market sales rise 15% in August! CDC commissions HIV-prevention motion comics! Chicago Tribune pulls this week's "Doonesbury"! Spotlight on Bluewater's political biographies! Plus more!

PRESS RELEASE: Bluewater Takes Aim at 50 Cent

PRESS RELEASE: Bluewater Announces Selena Gomez Bio Comic

PRESS RELEASE: Bluewater Unveils Lesson Plans for Educators

PRESS RELEASE: Bluewater Releases Tiger Woods Bio Comic

PRESS RELEASE: Bluewater to Release Mother Teresa Graphic Novel in October

PRESS RELEASE: Super Heroes Are Stalked in Bluewater's "Paparazzi"

PRESS RELEASE: Bluewater Tackles Late-Night with "FAME: Conan O'Brien"

PRESS RELEASE: Ayn Rand the Latest to Join Bluewater's "Female Force" Line

PRESS RELEASE: Martha Stewart the Latest Celeb Under Bluewater's "Female Force" Spotlight

PRESS RELEASE: Ryan Reynolds the Latest to Receive a Bluewater Bio Comic

PRESS RELEASE: Steve Jobs Bio Comic Coming in August from Bluewater

PRESS RELEASE: Bluewater Celebrates Lucille Ball's 100th Birthday with Tribute Comic in August

PRESS RELEASE: Bluewater's "Logan's Run: Aftermath" #1 in Stores Now

PRESS RELEASE: Howard Stern Goes Into "Orbit" June 8

PRESS RELEASE: Bluewater's "Political Power: Hillary Clinton" Comic In Stores June 8

PRESS RELEASE: Green Lantern's "Secret Identity" Ryan Reynolds Powers Own Comic Book Bio

PRESS RELEASE: Elvis Biography Comic Gets an Encore

PRESS RELEASE: Bluewater Orders a Justin Bieber Sequel

PRESS RELEASE: Stephen King Helps Weave His Own Tale in Bluewater's Biography Comic

PRESS RELEASE: Facebook Visionary Mark Zuckerberg Biography Comic In Stores Tomorrow

PRESS RELEASE: "Fame: Justin Bieber" Hits Shelves at Wal-Mart

PRESS RELEASE: "Wrath of the Titans" Sequel Promises More Monsters, Gods and Mayhem

PRESS RELEASE: Howard Stern is the Subject of Bluewater's Latest Bio Comic

PRESS RELEASE: Morningside Entertainment Options Bluewater's "Sinbad"

PRESS RELEASE: Celebrities: Bieber, Swift & Gaga Get Graphic (Novels)

PRESS RELEASE: Bluewater Commemorates Prince William and Kate Middleton's Engagement

PRESS RELEASE: "Female Force: Betty White" Comic Sells Out in Less Than a Day

PRESS RELEASE: Lady Gaga & Betty White Together at Last on January 5, 2011

PRESS RELEASE: Bluewater Brings Black Eyed Peas to Comics

PRESS RELEASE: Britney Spears Comic Book Coming in March 2011

PRESS RELEASE: Bluewater Tackles the Life of Angelina Jolie

PRESS RELEASE: Sarah Palin Returns to Bluewaters Pages in New Comic Book

PRESS RELEASE: Beyonce Becomes Comic Book Hero

PRESS RELEASE: Bluewater Productions Teams with Top Horror Novelist John Saul

PRESS RELEASE: APA Signs Bluewater Productions

PRESS RELEASE: Pink Floyd Graphic Novel in Stores Now, Led Zeppelin in November

PRESS RELEASE: Beckham & Lautner Comic Book Biographies in Stores 10/27