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PRESS RELEASE: Iconic Monty Python Comedy Group Gets Comic Book Treatment

PRESS RELEASE: Bluewater Releases "Female Force: Lady Almina - The Inspiration for Downton Abbey"

PRESS RELEASE: Bluwater Announces Kirby Bio-Comic

To Catch a Parody: Pehl Talks âJailbaitâ

To Catch a Parody: Pehl Talks “Jailbait”

CBR speaks with “Mystery Science Theater 3000” alum Mary Jo Pehl about Bluewater's “Jailbait,” a miniseries she describes as a comedy about an all-female undercover squad with a mandate to bust sexual predators.

PREVIEWS: Tek War, Leprechaun

PREVIEWS: Tek War, Leprechaun

Courtesy of Blue Water Comics, CBR brings you advance looks at "Tek War" #1 by William Shatner & Scott Davis and Erich Owens and "Lionsgate Films: Leprechaun by Zach Hunchar and Kris Carter.