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Batiuk's All-Star Team Brings

Batiuk's All-Star Team Brings "Funky Winkerbean's" Starbuck Jones to Life

Aided by notable comic book luminaries, "Funky Winkerbean's" Tom Batiuk explores the art of collecting and Silver Age comics in a new storyline.

COG 1's David Uslan on Filming Comics

COG 1's David Uslan on Filming Comics

David Uslan, son of "Dark Knight" producer Michael Uslan, launches COG 1 Entertainment with two films and two TV series based on comics. We talk with Uslan about his family's comics legacy and COG 1's upcoming work.

PRESS RELEASE: NY Comic Con announces it's initial list of official guests ffor 2009

FAN EXPO: Michelinie Talks

FAN EXPO: Michelinie Talks "Iron Man: The End"

The writer behind some of ‘Ol Shellhead’s most famed exploits, David Michelinie, explains why the upcoming Marvel one-shot "Iron Man: The End" will be he and Bob Layton’s final word on their run.