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EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Dark Horse Presents" #3

Dark Horse Comics' latest issue of "DHP" contains stories by Brendan McCarthy, Tyler Jenkins, Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, Andy Kuhn and more!

McCarthy Details Long Drive to

McCarthy Details Long Drive to "Mad Max: Fury Road" and "Dream Gang"

Brendan McCarthy discusses the details behind developing the anticipated "Mad Max: Fury Road" film and his "Dream Gang" series for Dark Horse.

Richardson, Creators & Editors Weigh In On

Richardson, Creators & Editors Weigh In On "Dark Horse Presents" Relaunch

President Mike Richardson, editor Jim Gibbons and the creators involved in "Dark Horse Presents" #1 discuss what's to come from the acclaimed anthology series.

Brendan McCarthy Discusses Virtual Thriller

Brendan McCarthy Discusses Virtual Thriller "The Deleted," Internet Hazards

The writer/artist talks about his latest work, "Dark Horse Presents" serial "The Deleted," and why he thinks the Internet can be "hazardous."

Comics A.M. - Fate of Arrested Syrian Cartoonist is Unclear

Comics A.M. - Fate of Arrested Syrian Cartoonist is Unclear

Reports of Syrian cartoonist Akram Raslan's execution remain unconfirmed. Plus, the NYCC wrap-up: interviews with Mark Waid, Dustin Nguyen & more!

Milligan and McCarthy Discuss

Milligan and McCarthy Discuss "The Best of Milligan & McCarthy"

Peter Milligan and Brendan McCarthy spoke with ROBOT 6 about "The Best of Milligan & McCarthy," a just-released hardcover collecting nearly every page the duo have collaborated on since the late '70s.

Exclusive Preview:

Exclusive Preview: "Judge Dredd" #2

Courtesy of IDW Publishing, Robot 6 has a preview of "Judge Dredd" #2, by Duane Swierczynski and Nelson Daniel, plus an exclusive look at the back-up story illustrated by Brendan McCarthy.

When Words Collide - 12/31/2012

When Words Collide - 12/31/2012

Tim reveals his TOP 10 COMICS OF 2012, featuring the work of Matt Fraction, Alan Moore, Michael DeForge, Ryan North, and many other top comic book talents to today.


EXCL. IDW PREVIEWS: "Judge Dredd" #2 & "The Complete Brian Bolland" HC

Courtesy of IDW Publishing, CBR has exclusive previews of "Judge Dredd" #2 by Duane Swierczynski, Nelson Daniel and Brendan McCarthy & "Judge Dredd: The Complete Brian Bolland" HC. Both books go on sale December 19.

PRESS RELEASE: CCI: IDW, 2000 AD Collect "The Zaucer Of Zilk"

When Words Collide - 4/16/2012

When Words Collide - 4/16/2012

Tim checks in with reviews of a handful of recent comics and graphic novels, including new work from Bryan Hitch, Jonathan Ross, Derf Backderf, Noah Van Sciver, Brendan McCarthy and more.

When Words Collide - 12/26/2011

When Words Collide - 12/26/2011

Tim provides a series of deep and meaningful - and perhaps random - thoughts about "Justice League," "2000 AD," his return to podcasting, Michael Mann's "The Keep" and the early works of Alan Moore.

Al Ewing Steers Brendan McCarthy's

Al Ewing Steers Brendan McCarthy's "Zaucer of Zilk"

"Zaucer of Zilk" writer Al Ewing spoke with CBR about working with comics legend Brendan McCarthy on the project, how he hopes "Zilk" will impact "2000AD," his response to being called the "next John Wagner" and more.

Brendan McCarthy Brings

Brendan McCarthy Brings "The Zaucer of Zilk" to "2000AD"

"The Zaucer of Zilk" artist Brendan McCarthy spoke with CBR about his return to comics after decades away from the industry, the crazy world of "Zilk" and how his work influenced "Waterworld" and "Inception."

"Waterworld," "Inception" & Brendan McCarthy's Road to "Mad Max 4"

Artist Brendan McCarthy talks on similarities between "Waterworld" and his 1983 comic "Freakwave," how they led to him co-writing and designing the upcoming "Mad Max: Fury Road" and his possible influence on "Inception."

When Words Collide - 4/5/2010

When Words Collide - 4/5/2010

Tim takes an early look at Brendan McCarthy's "Spider-Man: Fever," and talks about what makes McCarthy such a unique artist. He also offers some suggestions on where you might start on your road to McCarthy love.