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REVIEW: Busiek and Anderson's

REVIEW: Busiek and Anderson's "Astro City" #19

Kurt Busiek and Brent Anderson's "Astro City" #19 "hits the mark over and over again."

REVIEW: Busiek & Anderson's

REVIEW: Busiek & Anderson's "Astro City" #13

Kurt Busiek & Brent Anderson take a day hour-by-hour in "Astro City" #13, featuring some of the "best artwork on the series to date."

Busiek, Nolan Explore

Busiek, Nolan Explore "Astro City's" Gentleman Bandit

Writer Kurt Busiek and artist Graham Nolan discuss "Astro City" #12, the first series issue drawn by a guest artist from start to finish.

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Williams & Anderson's

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Williams & Anderson's "Revolutionary War: Supersoldiers"

Marvel's UK-based mini-event rolls on, and CBR has an exclusive preview of Rob Williams and Brent Anderson's "Revolutionary War: Supersoldiers!"

PREVIEW: Bendis, Peterson & Anderson's

PREVIEW: Bendis, Peterson & Anderson's "All-New X-Men" #21

Check out a first look at Brian Bendis, Brandon Peterson & Brent Anderson's "All-New X-Men" #21. The battle with the Purifiers continues Jan. 15.

Busiek Looks Back On

Busiek Looks Back On "Astro City," Forward To Winged Victory’s Origin

Writer Kurt Busiek speaks to CBR about "Astro City's" return at Vertigo, his four-part Winged Victory story and the current superhero pop culture landscape.


REVIEW: "Astro City" #5 is "Different and Quirky"

Greg McElhatton gives the Broken Man-starring "Astro City" #5 4 stars, saying "Any time [Kurt] Busiek and [Brent] Anderson want to play with traditional storytelling, I'm in."

Alex Ross Reinvisions

Alex Ross Reinvisions "Astro City"

With the acclaimed series returning as a Vertigo title after a three-year absence from comic store shelves, painter Alex Ross explains how he worked to mature the look of "Astro City's" heroes

REVIEW: Busiek & Anderson's

REVIEW: Busiek & Anderson's "Astro City" #1 "Absolutely Worth The Wait"

Greg McElhatton gives "Astro City" #1 by Kurt Busiek and Brent Anderson 4 stars, saying the anticipated launch issue "reminds readers just how much fun Busiek and Anderson's series can be."

Busiek's Triumphant Return to

Busiek's Triumphant Return to "Astro City"

Writer Kurt Busiek spoke with CBR about this summer's return of his multiple Eisner and Harvey Award winning series, "Astro City" with new publisher Vertigo Comics.

Busiek & Anderson's

Busiek & Anderson's "Astro City" Returns Under Vertigo Banner

Less than a month after announcing that Astro City will return in June as part of “DC proper,” DC COmics has revealed Kurt Busiek and Brent Anderson's superhero series will actually be released under the Vertigo banner.

WC13: Spotlight on Brent Anderson

WC13: Spotlight on Brent Anderson

Legendary artist Brent Anderson looked back on his career in comics, from the earliest days as the artist on Marvel's "Ka-Zar the Savage" through today's "Astro City" work and more.

Busiek Returns to

Busiek Returns to "Astro City" In June

Kurt Busiek, Brent Anderson and Alex Ross' "Astro City" returns to comic shelves June 5 under the DC Comics publishing banner after a nearly three-year hiatus following the dissolution of Wildstorm.

DeMatteis on the Supernatural DCU &

DeMatteis on the Supernatural DCU & "Phantom Stranger"

Writer J.M. DeMatteis spoke to CBR News about joining Dan DiDio as co-writer on DC Comics' "Phantom Stranger," bringing in the Spectre and a flair for the supernatural and spooky.


EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: Van Sciver's "Phantom Stranger" Variant

As Dan DiDio and Brent Anderson begin revealing secrets about DC Comics' enigmatic occult hero, the publisher has provided CBR with an exclusive first look at Ethan Van Sciver's "Phantom Stranger" #2 variant cover.

DiDio Reveals New 52 Zero-Issues in Sept. Plus Four New Series

DiDio Reveals New 52 Zero-Issues in Sept. Plus Four New Series

DC Comics celebrates one year of the New 52 in September with "Zero Month," featuring origin #0 issues & new series starring the Phantom Stranger, Amethyst, Team Seven & "Night of the Owls" spinoff "Talon," Dan DiDio tells CBR.


REVIEW: "Action Comics" #2

Chad Nevett gives "Action Comics" #2 3.5 stars, calling Grant Morrison, Rags Morales and Brent Anderson's take on Superman "a bold reworking of the character [that has] made for some highly entertaining comics."

Johns Brings

Johns Brings "Larfleeze" For Christmas

The avarice-inspired Orange Lantern Larfleeze earns his long-expected Christmas one-shot this December courtesy of Geoff Johns and Brett Booth, which is one of a pair of Green Lantern specials on tap for the holidays.

CCI: Kurt Busiek Spotlight Panel

CCI: Kurt Busiek Spotlight Panel

Kurt Busiek arrived at his Comic-Con International panel to find an Inkpot Award awaiting him and to discuss the "Astro City" film alongside series artist Brent Anderson in a panel moderated by Scott McCloud.

Busiek Enlists The Silver Agent

Busiek Enlists The Silver Agent

CBR News spoke with Kurt Busiek about one of the great heroes of "Astro City's" storied history, the Silver Agent, whose solo miniseries debuts today from Wildstorm. Plus an exclusive look at the first issue!