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EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Last of the Greats" #4

Courtesy of Image Comics, CBR is pleased to offer an exclusive extended preview of "Last of the Greats" #4 by Josh Hale Fialkov and Brent Peeples, in which humanity's begrudging savior faces a deadly new threat.

Designing the

Designing the "Last of the Greats"

Artist Brent Peeples takes CBR readers deep into the world of his and Joshua Fialkov's "Last of the Greats" series from Image, with an exclusive look at the designs that helped create the series' fallen superteam.

PRESS RELEASE: "The Last of the Greats" is Humankind's Last Hope

Fialkov is

Fialkov is "The Last of the Greats"

Writer Joshua Hale Fialkov brings gods to earth and changes the face of humanity in his Image Comics ongoing series "The Last of the Greats," and CBR has the exclusive.