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Amazing Batman Graffiti Uncovered in Abandoned Building

Amazing Batman Graffiti Uncovered in Abandoned Building

A pair of "urban explorers" in Ronse, Belgium stumbled across a treasure trove of incredible Batman graffiti in numerous styles, all by artist Pete One.

Aaron Lopresti's

Aaron Lopresti's "I... Batman" Pays Homage to Bolland & Timm

Creator Aaron Lopresti spoke to ROBOT 6 about drawing Batman on his own terms in the digital-first "Legends of the Dark Knight," with his story "I... Batman" featuring nods to Brian Bolland, Bruce Timm and more.

Nebraska Library Refuses to Pull Moore & Bolland's

Nebraska Library Refuses to Pull Moore & Bolland's "The Killing Joke"

A Nebraska public library has rejected a request to either remove Alan Moore and Brian Bolland’s "Batman: The Killing Joke" from shelves or move the 1988 DC Comics one-shot out of the young-adult area.

Mieville Rings Up Wonder with

Mieville Rings Up Wonder with "Dial H"

Hugo Award-winning writer China Miéville spoke passionately with CBR about "Dial H" and shared his plans to stick with the title for as long as DC Comics and his faithful readers will have him.


EXCL. IDW PREVIEWS: "Judge Dredd" #2 & "The Complete Brian Bolland" HC

Courtesy of IDW Publishing, CBR has exclusive previews of "Judge Dredd" #2 by Duane Swierczynski, Nelson Daniel and Brendan McCarthy & "Judge Dredd: The Complete Brian Bolland" HC. Both books go on sale December 19.

China Miéville Connects with

China Miéville Connects with "Dial H"

China Miéville delivers his trademark weird fiction to the New 52 as he launches an epic run on "Dial H" where The Hugo Award winning novelist plans to explore the Dial's mysterious origins for the first time ever.

China Miéville Revives

China Miéville Revives "Dial H" for DC Comics

Speaking exclusively with CBR, award-winning novelist China Miéville discussed "Dial H," teasing details about the opening arc, the book's role in the DCU and the significance of the dials in the New 52.

PRESS RELEASE: Grant Morrison and Mark Millar send Judge Dredd on a "Crusade"

Animal Man R.I.P.? Gerry Conway Talks

Animal Man R.I.P.? Gerry Conway Talks

Gerry Conway, who famously scripted the death of Gwen Stacy, returns after a lengthy hiatus from comics to pen DC’s forthcoming six-issue miniseries “The Last Days of Animal Man.” CBR spoke with Conway about the book.

"The Spirit" Producers Write Comics Arc

Michael Uslan, producer of “The Spirit” and “The Dark Knight” teams with fellow producer F.J. DeSanto for a three-issue run with the Will Eisner creation beginning in DC's "The Spirit" #26, and spoke with CBR about the tale.

FAN EXPO: Talking with Brian Bolland

FAN EXPO: Talking with Brian Bolland

“The Killing Joke” artist extraordinaire Brian Bolland spins for us his worst convention experience, explains why he’s draws in digital, and reveals his next projects, including new Animal Man and Zatanna titles.

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