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DC Promises

DC Promises "Huge Ramifications" From Villain-Focused "Forever Evil"

With "Trinity War" wrapped and "Forever Evil" just beginning, DC Comics senior editor Brian Cunningham details the role of the Crime Syndicate, and how the story will impact the rest of the DC Universe after it ends.

SDCC: DC Wages Comic-Con's

SDCC: DC Wages Comic-Con's "Trinity War"

"Justice League" creators Geoff Johns, Jeff Lemire and Ray Fawkes alongside DC senior editor Brian Cunningham discuss "Trinity War" and its lead-in to "Forever Evil" at Comic-Con International.

Cunningham Explores the Mysteries of DC's

Cunningham Explores the Mysteries of DC's "Trinity War"

"Trinity War" editor Brian Cunningham updates readers on the big picture behind the Geoff Johns-led DC Comics event from the surprising death to the mystery villains as the Justice League war continues.

CCI: DC Comics Young Justice Panel

CCI: DC Comics Young Justice Panel

The titanic teens of the DC Comics Universe get their San Diego spotlight as Scott Lobdell, Tony Bedard and more dig into "Teen Titans,""Blue Beetle" and the rest of the Young Justice line including new origins for Red Robin and Kid Flash.

Fan Expo:

Fan Expo: "Flashpoint" Panel Promises More From Major Players

At Fan Expo in Toronto, the creators and editors behind DC Comics' "Flashpoint" event discussed laying the groundwork for the upcoming DC relaunch -- and revealed a "new" Canadian hero