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CCI: Jesse Blaze Snider Resurrects "Evil Ernie"

CCI: Jesse Blaze Snider Resurrects "Evil Ernie"

This October, Jesse Blaze Snider and Dynamite Entertainment bring "Evil Ernie" back from the dead to crack a few skulls, and crack a few jokes. CBR spoke with Snider about the title.

PRESS RELEASE: Hero Initiative Travels to San Diego

PRESS RELEASE: Mike Debalfo Covers "Lady Death"

PRESS RELEASE: Boundless Comics in January 2011

PRESS RELEASE: Lady Death Launches with More Than 50,000 Copies in Stores

PRESS RELEASE: New "Lady Death" Ongoing Launches December 2010

PRESS RELEASE: Boundless Comics Reveals Lady Deaths Origin in November

PRESS RELEASE: "Lady Death" Returns with Free Premiere Comic Book from Boundless

C2E2: Avatar Press Panel

C2E2: Avatar Press Panel

E-i-C William Christensen joined writers Christos Gage, Mike Wolfer and Brian Pulido and artist Jacen Burrows to talk about Lady Death, "Crossed," "Absolution" and much more during the Avatar Press panel at C2E2.

C2E2: Lady Death Rises At Avatar's Boundless

C2E2: Lady Death Rises At Avatar's Boundless

The creator of the sword-wielding, hell-bound dame of destruction Brian Pulido returns to an all-new Lady Death series as Avatar publisher William Christensen prepares a new company to release it.

PRESS RELEASE: Brian Pulido Makes Directorial Debut with The Graves