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Brian Wood Talks

Brian Wood Talks "Citizen Zee"

Writer Brian Wood spoke with CBR News about "Citizen Zee," the last one-shot issue of "DMZ," and the continuing political relevance of his long-running Vertigo series as it heads towards it's conclusion.

PRESS RELEASE: Live from the DMZ - Now Broadcasting

Isaacs Conjures

Isaacs Conjures "Magus"

"DV8" artist Rebekah Isaacs talks about her first creator-owned book from 12 Gauge Comics, her messy layouts and working with her boyfriend, writer Jon Price. She also brought along from "Magus" #2.


REVIEW: "The New York Five" #1

James Hunt gives "The New York Five" #1 a 5 star review, praising the writing and art of the first issue of Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly's Vertigo follow-up to their previous Minx title, "New York Four."

Wood Plus Kelly Equals

Wood Plus Kelly Equals "New York Five"

CSBG's Kelly Thompson talks to Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly about their new Vertigo series, "The New York Five," the sequel to their previous collaboration for DC Comics' short-lived Minx imprint, "The New York Four."

NYCC: Vertigo: On the Edge

NYCC: Vertigo: On the Edge

NYCC's Vertigo: On the Edge panel saw the announcement of "The Annotated Sandman," a new "Cinderella" miniseries and "The New York Five" while confirming a new book by chef Anthony Bourdain titled "Get Jiro!"

Brian Wood on

Brian Wood on "Northlanders," "DMZ," Jennie 2.5 & More

Brian Wood talks to ROBOT 6 about his latest work, including the final issues of "DMZ," more "Northlanders," and developing his "Channel Zero" concepts like Jennie 2.5 for other media.

Brian Wood Reinvents

Brian Wood Reinvents "DV8"

Kelly Thompson of CSBG interviewed "DMZ" and "Northlanders" writer Brian Wood about his work on Wildstorm's "DV8: Gods & Monsters" in which he's upended the team, placing them on an unfamiliar world and environment.

Brian Wood Talks

Brian Wood Talks "DV8"

"DMZ" creator Brian Wood talks to COMICS SHOULD BE GOOD about "DV8," his in-progress WildStorm miniseries with Rebeka Isaacs that updates the cult superhero team for modern times.


REVIEW: "Demo, Volume 2" #6

Chad Nevett returns with a 5 star review for "Demo" #6 by creators Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan saying of the entire series, "these...stories have been the highlights of whichever Wednesday they’ve come out on."


Is "DV8" The Future Of Comics?

This week, Kelly Thompson takes a look at Wildstorm's recently published "DV8" #1 and how the new Brian Wood-penned series might work as a symbol for a brighter future for comics that men and women can both enjoy.


REVIEW: "DV8" #1

CBR's Chad Nevett says the new "DV8" is off to a promising start, with Brian Wood and Rebekah Isaacs honoring the WildStorm cult classic while giving new readers all they need to enjoy this edgy new series.

PRESS RELEASE: Brian Wood and Rebekah Isaacs to Sign DV8 at Midtown

Brian Wood

Brian Wood "DV8s" From the Norm

CBR News gets the lowdown on Brian Wood's WildStorm debut as the writer readies for the relaunch of "DV8" in the form of an 8-issue story designed to reintroduce the team to both new readers and longtime fans.

Brian Wood's

Brian Wood's "Northlanders" Method

Brian Wood spoke with CBR News and delved into the topics of "Northlanders'" milestone 25th issue, his plans for the future of the series and the creator's incredibly massive collection of Viking research materials.


Wood's "DMZ" Turns 50

Series creator and writer Brian Wood takes CBR News through the creative process behind the stories in "DMZ's" milestone issue #50, featuring a veritable Who's-Who of artistic talent while giving fans a preview of things to come.

"DEMO"-ing with Brian Wood

CBR spoke with the writer/creator of "DEMO" about the upcoming Vertigo miniseries, its entirely new cast of characters, recapturing his easygoing creative process with artist Becky Cloonan, and his feelings on creating a sequel.



Courtesy of Vertigo, CBR presents of the debut issue of Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan's new volume of "DEMO" as well as a look at Jim Lee's art from the 50th milestone issue of Wood's "DMZ."

Brian Wood on the New “Northlanders” Arc

Brian Wood on the New “Northlanders” Arc

Series creator Brian Wood spills the info on the newest storyline hitting Russia, his mission statement for "Northlanders" as a whole, the complexity of Nordic names, and what’s in store for the future of the Vertigo Viking title.

Brian Wood to DV8 at WildStorm

Brian Wood to DV8 at WildStorm

Possibly the last Brian Wood book you'd expect, the "Northlanders" and "Demo" creator is reviving WildStorm's "DV8" as only he can. We spoke with Wood and artist Rebekah Isaacs about "DV8: Gods and Monsters."

Larry Young on AiT/Planet Lar's 10th Anniversary

Larry Young on AiT/Planet Lar's 10th Anniversary

AiT/Planet Lar celebrated its tenth anniversary in March, and CBR News caught up with publisher Larry Young to discuss his experiences in the field of indie comics with titles like "Channel Zero" and "Astronauts in Trouble."

Brian Wood Talks Northlanders

Brian Wood Talks Northlanders

With "Northlanders" #14 on sale this week, creator Brian Wood goes in- depth with CBR about the hugely acclaimed Vikings series, discussing his research, creative process, and what fans can look for next.



Creators Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly give CBR readers an exclusive page-by-page commentary of the entire issue of "Local" #6, available now in a new deluxe hardcover collection from Oni Press.

LOCAL Hero: Ryan Kelly

LOCAL Hero: Ryan Kelly

With the hardcover edition of "Local" released this week, artist Ryan Kelly shares some insight into his and Brian Wood's acclaimed project, discussing his artistic approach and the challenges of aging a character over 10 years.

LOCAL Hero: Brian Wood

LOCAL Hero: Brian Wood

In anticipation of next week's release of the hardcover collection of "Local," writer Brian Wood shares with CBR readers the origin of his and Ryan Kelly's acclaimed Oni Press series, discussing its themes, goals, and influence on his newer work.

PRESS RELEASE: Vertigo writers band together to promote "Standard Attrition"

PRESS RELEASE: Comic Book professionals "Bringing Comics Back to Comic-Con"

PRESS RELEASE: Thompson, Wood, Chiang team-up at CCI

PRESS RELEASE: Wood and Kelly's "LOCAL" gets hardcover collection treatment from Oni

Brian Wood talks

Brian Wood talks "Demo" at Vertigo

Brian Wood's indie hit "Demo" is returning to print courtesy of Vertigo, and the author talks in-depth with CBR News about the landmark title, offering new thoughts on the controversial final issue, and teases Vertigo's all-new "Demo Volume Two."

NYCC: Minx Panel

NYCC: Minx Panel

DC's Minx Comics panel at NY Comic Con featured previews of upcoming 2008 series, including "Water Baby," "Burnout," and "New York Four."