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Gordon & Bullock Discover a Red Hood in New

Gordon & Bullock Discover a Red Hood in New "Gotham" Photos

The first real costumed character in "Gotham" history arrives in a Scott Snyder-esque Red Hood gang.

COMIC REEL: Brandon Routh Spotted On

COMIC REEL: Brandon Routh Spotted On "Flash" Set; "Gotham" To "Scratch The Surface" Of Joker Story

"Arrow's" Atom will guest star on the CW series' sister show; Bruno Heller looks ahead towards "Gotham's" season one finale and more.

Red Hood Gang, Scarecrow To Terrorize

Red Hood Gang, Scarecrow To Terrorize "Gotham" In February

The pre-Batman drama's next batch of episodes will introduce the iconic villains alongside John Grayson, the father of Robin.

COMIC REEL: Anthony Mackie Hopes To Appear In

COMIC REEL: Anthony Mackie Hopes To Appear In "Age Of Ultron"; The Scarecrow Arrives In "Gotham"

Mackie is up for anything Marvel wants to put him in; the first stills from "The Fearsome Dr. Crane" have appeared and more.

Bruno Heller Promises a 'Shocking'

Bruno Heller Promises a 'Shocking' "Gotham" Finale, Teases Red Hood's Arrival

The "Gotham" EP explains the importance of planning ahead, which for the hit show includes figuring out when and how to introduce its first costumed villain.

COMIC REEL: Suicide Squad

COMIC REEL: Suicide Squad "Definitely" Returning To "Arrow"; "Avengers" Trinity Appears In New Still

EP Andrew Kreisberg revealed that the elite team will return to Starling City; "Age of Ultron" gets a calm promo image and more.

COMIC REEL: Boseman Talks

COMIC REEL: Boseman Talks "Black Panther" Non-Audition; Arrow Fights Capt. Boomerang In New Photo

Chadwick Boseman says now is the "right time" for Black Panther; pics from the CW superhero crossover reveal fan favorite villain and more.

COMIC REEL: New Pics, Video Tease

COMIC REEL: New Pics, Video Tease "Flash"/"Arrow" Event; Marin Ireland Rumored For "Jessica Jones"

Gustin and Amell get honest in behind the scenes clip; "Breaking Bad" and "Good Wife" actors in running to play Marvel heroes and more.

"Gotham" Showrunner Reveals 'Prenatal' Robin Approach, Talks Harley, Joker Plans

Bruno Heller discusses "Gotham's" upcoming plans for Batman's teenage sidekick and a number of his big name villains.


New "Gotham" Featurette Teases Growing Mob War in Batman-less City

A look behind the scenes of Fox's Batman drama preps viewers for war between the Falcone and Maroni mob families with Penguin in the middle.

"Gotham" Showrunner Teases A Greater TV-Based DC Universe

"Gotham" Showrunner Bruno Heller says that the pre-Batman series has potential to link into a greater DC Universe.

"Gotham" Showrunner Bruno Heller Loves Telling Origin Stories

The writer and executive producer hopes to build a Gotham City that appeals to and surprises both hardcore fans and mainstream audiences alike.

Producers Design

Producers Design "Gotham" to Please Hardcore Bat-Fans and Casual Viewers Alike

Executive Producers Bruno Heller and Danny Cannon reveal their vision for Fox's "Gotham," and exploring Batman's origins from a fresh perspective.

"Gotham" Featurette Teases World Building, New Characters & Joker

"Gotham" showrunner Bruno Heller and the cast of "Gotham" discuss what to expect from the upcoming Batman prequel television series.

Bruno Heller:

Bruno Heller: "'Gotham' Will Surpass the Batman Movies" Visually

In a recent interview, "Gotham" showrunner Bruno Heller praised the visual direction of the show and teased what viewers can expect from the greenlit series.

UPDATE: Fox Gives

UPDATE: Fox Gives "Gotham" a Series Order, Releases Extended Trailer

Fox has picked up Batman prequel series "Gotham" as the third new drama for its 2014-2015 television season. UPDATED with extended, 2-minute trailer.

"Gotham" TV Series to Feature Marquee Batman Villains; "Constantine" Gets Pilot Order

The in-development "Gotham" series will not only feature a young Bruce Wayne but big-name villains; "Constantine" gets an NBC pilot order.


Gordon-Focused "Gotham" Series Headed to Fox

"Gotham," a drama series based on the early police career of DC Comics' long-running supporting player James Gordon and set before the character met Batman, has received a series commitment from Fox.