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Constructing "Mice Templar's" Epic, 22-Page Long Continuous Battle Scene

"The Mice Templar's" creative team dives deep behind the scenes of the making of the latest issue's 22-page long, single-image battle scene.

ECCC: Dark Horse Delivers the New from Rucka, Oeming & More

ECCC: Dark Horse Delivers the New from Rucka, Oeming & More

Dark Horse Comics headed to Emerald City Comicon to discuss new books including "Veil," "Dream Thief," "The Victories" and "Mind MGMT."


EXCL. PREVIEWS: Kindt's "MIND MGMT" #20, Glass & Santos' "Furious" #3

CBR presents exclusive previews of Matt Kindt's "MIND MGMT" #20 and "Furious #3 by Bryan J.L. Glass and Victor Santos.

Bryan J.L. Glass and Victor Santos Get

Bryan J.L. Glass and Victor Santos Get "Furious"

With a prequel already under their belts, collaborators Bryan J.L. Glass and Victor Santos look ahead to the debut of their "Furious" ongoing series.

Read the Full

Read the Full "Furious" Prequel From "Dark Horse Presents"

Dark Horse has provided ROBOT 6 with the full prequel from "Dark Horse Presents" #31 to "Furious," the upcoming series by Bryan J. L. Glass and Victor Santos.


BCC EXCLUSIVE: Glass Brings "Furious" New Project to Dark Horse

"Mice Templar" writer Bryan J.L. Glass spoke exclusively with CBR News about "Furious," his upcoming Dark Horse Comics miniseries starring a "repugnant" female superhero.


EXCL PREVIEW: "Mice Templar IV: Legend" #1

Courtesy of Image Comics, CBR has an exclusive preview of "Mice Templar IV: Legend" #1 by Bryan J.L. Glass, Michael Avon Oeming & Victor Santos. Young Karic's quest to restore the Templar continues April 3.

Oeming & Glass Explore the

Oeming & Glass Explore the "Legend" of "Mice Templar"

Co-writers Bryan J.L. Glass and Michael Avon Oeming make their triumphant return to the world of "Mice Templar" with the fourth and final volume, "Legend," from Image Comics. Plus loads of exclusive art.

PRESS RELEASE: Marvel's "Magician: Master" Debuts Digitally Before Print

PRESS RELEASE: "The Mice Templar" Continues in December with Third Volume

BCC: Thor

BCC: Thor

Notable "Thor" creators Walt Simonson, Jonathan Hickman, Bryan J.L. Glass and John Workman met with fans in Baltimore for a lively panel conducted by Marvel editor Tom Brevoort, and CBR was there.



Marvel Comics has released an advance look at "Valkyrie," a solo tale of the Secret Avenger written by Bryan J.L. Glass, illustrated by Phil Winslade with a cover by Jay Anacleto. Valkyrie rides on September 29.


ADVANCE PREVIEW: "Thor: First Thunder"

Marvel Comics has released an advance look at "Thor: First Thunder" #1 by writer Bryan J.L. Glass and artist Tan Eng Huat. The series, featuring covers by Jay Anacleto, strikes comic stores September 15

Glass Reawakens Marvel's Valkyrie

Glass Reawakens Marvel's Valkyrie

Bryan J.L. Glass spoke with CBR News about his upcoming one-shot exploring the re-emergence of the Asgardian shield maiden, redefining her place in the Marvel Universe and his first foray into Marvel's toy box.

Bryan J.L. Glass Brings the (God of) Thunder

Bryan J.L. Glass Brings the (God of) Thunder

Writer Bryan J.L. Glass retrofits Thor's origin for the modern day in "Thor: First Thunder," highlighting the Agardians first year on Earth and re-defining his relationships with the Marvel Universe.

"Mice Templar" Embraces Its Destiny

"Mice Templar" returns from Image in July in a new volume with a new art team. CBR spoke with creators Bryan J. Glass & Michael Avon Oeming, as well as new artists Victor Santos & Veronica Gandini, about their plans for "Destiny."

PRESS RELEASE: Oeming, Glass signing, Kirby Krackle concert at The Comic Stop, January 31, 2009