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Miller Lassos Wonder Woman for

Miller Lassos Wonder Woman for "Smallville: Season 11"

Writer Bryan Q. Miller discusses Wonder Woman's "Smallville Season 11" debut, explaining how he'll introduce her to the series' mythos and how David E. Kelley's failed pilot derailed the TV show's plans for Diana.

THE BAT SIGNAL: Bryan Q. Miller

THE BAT SIGNAL: Bryan Q. Miller

Bryan Q. Miller discussed plans for the ongoing "Batgirl" series, including the current year's major arc, increasing Stephanie's support network beyond Gotham and what the "Death of Oracle" means for Team Batgirl.

Miller Readies

Miller Readies "Batgirl" for Year Two

The man who launched Stephanie Brown's career as Batgirl, Bryan Q. Miller spoke about the end of the first year of the heroine's self-titled series and moving Batgirl out of Gotham and into the greater DCU.


PREVIEWS: "Batman' #701, "Batgirl" #12

Courtesy of DC Comics, CBR presents a preview of "Batman" #701 by Grant Morrison and Tony Daniel and an exclusive preview of "Batgirl" #12 by Bryan Q. Miller and Lee Garbett. Both issues hit stores July 14.

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