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Did Bucky Barnes Have a Secret Identity or What?

Did Bucky Barnes Have a Secret Identity or What?

Did it ever seem weird that Bucky's codename was just his own name? Find out whether he was able to maintain a secret identity during the Golden Age!

"Bucky Was Shot & Replaced as Cap's Partner" & More Dropped Plotlines

Read the collection of notable dropped storylines, like the time Captain America's sidekick was shot & replaced by a female sidekick, Golden Girl!

Kot, Rudy, Send

Kot, Rudy, Send "Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier" to the Corners of the Marvel U

Ales Kot and Marco Rudy helm "Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier," an all-new ongoing series which spins out of the events of "Original Sin."


ADVANCE PREVIEW: "Captain America" #612

Marvel has released an advance look at "Captain America" #612 by the creative team of Ed Brubaker and Butch Guice. The trial of Captain America continues on Wednesday, November 24!

Brubaker Puts Captain America On Trial

Brubaker Puts Captain America On Trial

In the next arc for the Bucky Barnes-led era of "Captain America," the former Winter Soldier is forced to answer for his crimes under his Soviet masters, and Ed Brubaker gives CBR an early look inside the story.

Stern Talks

Stern Talks "Captain America: Forever Allies"

Roger Stern kicks off August's "Captain America: Forever Allies," a four issue miniseries which unfolds in the past and the present, focusing on Bucky Barnes and his WWII era teammates, the original Young Allies.