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Brubaker Reveals Secrets Behind

Brubaker Reveals Secrets Behind "Velvet," "Captain America" & His Image Deal

From the return of Bucky to Hollywood not understanding "Velvet," superstar writer Ed Brubaker shed light on the stories behind some of his most popular creations.

Abandoned & Forsaked: Whitewashing Marvel's Past

Abandoned & Forsaked: Whitewashing Marvel's Past

In its latest spotlight on notable comic book retcons, CSBG looks at how Roger Stern erased a particularly embarrassing part of Marvel's Golden Age history for one of Bucky's original "Young Allies."


REVIEW: "Fear Itself" #7.1

James Hunt gives Ed Brubaker and Butch Guice's "Fear Itself" #7.1 4.5 stars saying Marvel's big event epilogue one-shot "answers questions that maybe you didn’t know you even wanted to ask"

Marvel Unveils Spoilery New Series In

Marvel Unveils Spoilery New Series In "Fear Itself" #7.1

A brand new franchise is coming to Marvel in monthly form in 2012, and the House of Ideas reveal the spoiler-ific title as part of Ed Brubaker's Captain America-centric "Fear Itself" #7.1.

Marvel's Latest Teaser, Possible Return of Bucky?

Marvel's Latest Teaser, Possible Return of Bucky?

Marvel's latest teaser, a red star on a black background, offers little detail asking the question "What if there wasn't only one? possibly hinting at a second resurrection for Captain America's WWII partner, Bucky.

COMMENTARY: Fans & Dead Superheroes

COMMENTARY: Fans & Dead Superheroes

Comics commentator Colin Smith looks at superhero deaths, specifically Marvel's recent spate of heroic sacrifices, and asks what it is about them that keeps bringing fans back for more.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Captain America & Bucky" #620

Marvel Comics has provided CBR News with an exclusive look at Chris Samnee's art for "Captain America & Bucky" #620, co-written by Ed Brubaker and Marc Andreyko. The issue hits stores in July.

Brubaker Celebrates July with

Brubaker Celebrates July with "Captain America & Bucky"

July is a big month for Captain America as it sees the release of Cap's feature film as well as the launches of two Ed Brubaker-scripted Captain America titles. We spoke with Brubaker about both new series.

Marvel Announces

Marvel Announces "Captain America & Bucky"

Marvel Comics has announced that the current "Captain America" title will become "Captain America and Bucky" with July's issue #620, written by Ed Brubaker & Marc Andreyko with Chris Samnee on art.

TALK TO THE HAT Featuring Ed Brubaker

TALK TO THE HAT Featuring Ed Brubaker

Marvel Comics SVP of Publishing Tom Brevoort welcomes writer Ed Brubaker for a titanic team-up interview revealing the creation of the Winter Soldier, the secret origin of "Fear Itself" and the future of Captain America.

SPINOFF: Bucky Speaks on

SPINOFF: Bucky Speaks on "Captain America"

Sebastian Stan, the actor playing Bucky in Marvel Studios' WWII super-hero actioner, gave inside tidbits on the casting process and action scenes for the upcoming "Captain America: The First Avenger." SPINOFF has details.