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When Words Collide - 8/20/2012

When Words Collide - 8/20/2012

Tim follows-up with Joe Casey after the surprise announcement of the end of "Butcher Baker" and finds out why it was always planned as a limited series all along, and why the readers weren't told about the plan sooner.

When Words Collide - 8/13/2012

When Words Collide - 8/13/2012

"Butcher Baker: The Righteous Maker" scribe Joe Casey talks about the creator-owned comic, the status of the comic landscape as a whole and discusses the concept of capital-A Art.

CBR TV: Man of Action's Casey, Rouleau on

CBR TV: Man of Action's Casey, Rouleau on "Ultimate Spider-Man," New Image Projects

Man of Action members Joe Casey and Duncan Rouleau dropped in on CBR TV during Comic-Con International to discuss a number of projects, from "Ultimate Spider-Man" to their various Image Comics series and more.


READ THE FULL ISSUE: "The Boys: Butcher, Baker, Candlestickmaker" #1

With the collection of Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson's "The Boys: Butcher, Baker, Candlestickmaker" hitting stores on March 7, Dynamite Entertainment has provided CBR with the series' complete first issue.

Image Comics On Sale August 31, 2011

Image Comics On Sale August 31, 2011

Image Comics has provided CBR with exclusive first looks at new comics on sale this Wednesday, August 31, including the latest from "Witchblade," "Skullkickers," "Butcher Baker" and more!

Ennis & Robertson Board

Ennis & Robertson Board "The Big Ride" in "The Boys"

Co-creators Garth Ennis & Darick Robertson discuss the opening of the final act of "The Boys" and telling the origin of the enigmatic and wrathful Billy Butcher in his own mini.

Image Comics Solicitations for October 2011

Image Comics Solicitations for October 2011

Image has released artwork and solicitation information for new comics on sale in October 2011, including new issues of "The Walking Dead," "The Infinite," "Chew," "Morning Glories," the new "Pilot Season," and more!


EXCL. PREVIEWS: "Super Dinosaur," "Butcher Baker" & "Skullkickers"

Image Comics has provided CBR with exclusive previews for three books shipping this Wednesday June 29 including "Super Dinosaur" #3, "Butcher Baker" #4 and "Skullkickers" #8!

PRESS RELEASE: Butcher Baker, The Righteous Maker Sells Out Third Consecutive Issue

Dynamite Previews Ennis & Robertson's

Dynamite Previews Ennis & Robertson's "Boys" Spinoff

Dynamite Entertainment has released an advance look at Garth Ennis' "The Boys Butcher, Baker, Candlestickmaker" #1 featuring the return of co-creator Darick Robertson to the "Boys" Universe.

PRESS RELEASE: "Butcher Baker" #2 Sells Out, Goes Back to Press

REVIEW: Butcher Baker, The Righteous Maker

REVIEW: Butcher Baker, The Righteous Maker" #2

Ryan Lindsay gives "Butcher Baker, the Righteous Maker" #2 4 stars calling Joe Casey and Mike Huddleston's Image title a comic that "certainly entertains, though it might just enlighten along its path as well."

WC11: The Next Great Era of Image Comics

WC11: The Next Great Era of Image Comics

Joe Casey, Nate Simpson, Ben McCool and more locked arms to discuss the recent wave of launches at Image, “Twilight,” video games, KGB sleeper cells and more at WonderCon in San Francisco.

PRESS RELEASE: "Butcher Baker" Destroys Expectations


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Butcher Baker, The Righteous Maker" #1

Courtesy of Image Comics, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Butcher Baker, The Righteous Maker," by Joe Casey and Mike Huddleston. Comics go All-American March, 30, 2011!

Casey Introduces

Casey Introduces "Butcher Baker, The Righteous Maker"

Joe Casey pulls back the curtain on Image's month of teasers for "Butcher Baker, The Righteous Maker," a Superexploitation story about a new kind of All-American hero, in this exclusive first interview.

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