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"Criminal Macabre's" Cal McDonald Gazes Into "The Eyes of Frankenstein"

Following the aftermath of "Final Night," Steve Niles presents "Criminal Macabre: The Eyes of Frankenstein." We spoke with Niles about the end of "30 Days" and the ongoing tribulations of Cal McDonald.

Eric Powell's

Eric Powell's "The Goon" Returns

Eric Powell's "The Goon" is back and bimonthly starting in June, ready to put sparkly vampires in their place. CBR News spoke with Powell about the acclaimed series, working with Steve Niles & Evan Dorkin and more.

Steve Niles Brings Back

Steve Niles Brings Back "Criminal Macabre"

Steve Niles spoke with CBR about the return of occult detective Cal McDonald, star of "Criminal Macabre," in a Free Comic Book Day issue, a crossover with Eric Powell's "The Goon" and two omnibus editions.