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NYCC: Radical Publishing

NYCC: Radical Publishing

Barry Levine hosted a panel comprised of a who's who of Radical's creators, featuring new series announcements, previews and news from Steve Niles, Rick Remender, Steve Pugh, Arthur Suydam & more.

PRESS RELEASE: Radical Publishing named Diamond's "Best New Publisher" for 2008

PRESS RELEASE: Sam Sarkar signing at The Grove 11-19

PRESS RELEASE: Sam Sarkar signing at Miami Book Fair for Radical Publishing

PRESS RELEASE: Radical Publishing sponsors Heal the Bay event

CCI: Radical's Comics!

CCI: Radical's Comics!

The announcement of Hollywood deals were coming fast and furious at the Radical Publishing panel on Friday, including news about comics-to-film projects with Bryan Singer, Peter Berg, and John Woo attached.

PRESS RELEASE: John Woo to direct adaptation of Radical's "Caliber"

PRESS RELEASE: Radical Publishing announces multiple sell-outs, second printings

Gastonny talks

Gastonny talks "Caliber" Artwork

The illustrator of Radical's "Caliber: First Canon of Justice," Garrie Gastonny talks about the process of creating the series' distinctive artwork, his research, collaborators and stylistic influences.

Arthur & The Knights of the OK Corral: Sarkar talks

Arthur & The Knights of the OK Corral: Sarkar talks "Caliber"

Radical's second title, "Caliber," retells the Arthurian legend as an American Western, with the Knights of the Round Table as gunfighters and Excalibur as a magical six-shooter.