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Bunn Teams

Bunn Teams "Captain America" with "Hawkeye" & "Iron Man"

Bucky, Hawkeye, and in June, writer Cullen Bunn teams "Captain America & Iron Man" for his second arc on the title. CBR spoke with Bunn about his ever changing series.

Axel-In-Charge - 4/27/2012

Axel-In-Charge - 4/27/2012

This week, Marvel Comics E-i-C Axel Alonso speaks up on how the publisher connects with its fanbase online and at cons, dropping hints and history on everything from Hulk and Spider-Man to Infinite Comics and "AvX."

Bunn Cranks Up the Action in

Bunn Cranks Up the Action in "Captain America and Hawkeye"

This April, "Captain America and Bucky" becomes "Captain America and Hawkeye," pairing the Avenging Archer with Cap before Steve Rogers teams with another hero. CBR spoke with writer Cullen Bunn about the title.

Cullen Bunn on

Cullen Bunn on "Captain America & Hawkeye"

Marvel's week of Next Big Thing press conference calls continued with the announcement of "Captain America & Hawkeye" CBR News was on hand with series writer Cullen Bunn for all the major details.