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SDCC: Smith Celebrates

SDCC: Smith Celebrates "Bone's" Full-Color Anniversary, "RASL" & "Tuki"

Fresh off his 2014 Eisner Award win for "RASL," Jeff Smith discussed "Tuki" and the tenth anniversary of the "Bone" color edition.

Jeff Smith Saves The Humans With

Jeff Smith Saves The Humans With "Tüki"

With his new webcomic well on its way, Jeff Smith talks about the journey of "Tüki," the digital age and "Bone's" status as a banned book.

Jeff Smith Reflects On

Jeff Smith Reflects On "RASL"

After nearly five years, the second major epic from "Bone" creator Jeff Smith is complete, and the artist tells CBR about his fascination with noir storytelling, Nikola Tesla and the crises brought on by traveling to parallel worlds.

CBR TV @ CCI: Jeff Smith on

CBR TV @ CCI: Jeff Smith on "Bone," "RASL"

Jeff Smith spoke with CBR TV about twenty years of "Bone," the research and pseudo-science of "RASL," "The Monster Society of Evil" part two and much more.

Hamaker Adds Color to

Hamaker Adds Color to "Bone"

Steve Hamaker spoke with CBR about coloring "Bone" after its original success in black and white, and the final volume of Jeff Smith’s epic, “Bone: Tall Tales,” which is available now from Scholastic.

Sniegoski Tells

Sniegoski Tells "Bone: Tall Tales"

Tom Sniegoski spoke with CBR about the joy, the honor and the terror of writing for Jeff Smith's "Bone" in the new "Tall Tales" comics, as well as the "Bone: Quest for the Spark" novels coming out next year

IDW on

IDW on "Bone" for PSP and More

IDW brings Jeff Smith's "Bone" and "Rasl" to the Sony PSP this month, and we spoke with Director of ePublishing Jeff Webber to find out more about format, price point and what other devices may soon feature IDW titles.