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Casey & Rouleau Bring Action To

Casey & Rouleau Bring Action To "Ultimate Spider-Man"

In advance of Saturday's premiere of Marvel Studios latest animation project, Man of Action members Joe Casey and Duncan Roleau go inside "Ultimate Spider-Man" revealing the unique humor and big stories behind the series.

Marvel Debuts Extended

Marvel Debuts Extended "Ultimate Spider-Man" Sizzle Reel

With "Ultimate Spider-Man" debuting this weekend on Disney XD, Marvel has released a new, extended sizzle reel featuring new scenes from the series along with interviews with the cast and crew.

PRESS RELEASE: Disney XD to Launch "Marvel Universe" Programming Block

Valley Takes A Chance On

Valley Takes A Chance On "Human Target"

"Human Target" star Mark Valley spoke with CBR News about his work on the show's second season, what it's like working with new co-stars Indira Varma and Janet Montgomery, and much more.

The CBR Review:

The CBR Review: "Human Target - Ilsa Pucci"

The second season premiere of "Human Target," titled "Ilsa Pucci," is strengthened by the performances of Jackie Earle Haley and the rest of the cast, but could have benefited from a more relaxed pace.

Haley Moves with

Haley Moves with "Human Target"

"Watchmen" and "A Nightmare on Elm Street" actor Jackie Earle Haley spoke with CBR about playing the enigmatic Guerrero on "Human Target" and the evolution of the show's cast in its second season.

McBride Says

McBride Says "Human Target" Has Character

Veteran actor Chi McBride spoke with CBR News to discuss the show's second season, the developments in store for his character Winston and why TV shows should focus on character over mythology.


CCI: "Human Target" Panel

The heroes of FOX's "Human Target" series fielded questions and provided clues about what will happen to Christopher Chance in the upcoming season during their Comic-Con International panel.

Chi McBride Talks

Chi McBride Talks "Human Target"

The "Pushing Daisies" alumnus spoke with CBR News about his role as Winston on "Human Target," his part in crafting the character with the writers and his experience working with Mark Valley and Jackie Earle Haley.


CCI: "Human Target" Review

Warner Bros. screened the heavily anticipated pilot for "Human Target" to a receptive crowd during Comic-Con International. CBR News was there to catch a look at the latest iteration of Christopher Chance.