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THE BAT  SIGNAL: Hine Closes Out

THE BAT SIGNAL: Hine Closes Out "Batman and Robin"

Before wrapping up Dick Grayson's final story as Batman, writer David Hine speaks to THE BAT SIGNAL about giving the Dynamic Duo a surrealist twist in "Batman and Robin" #26.


REVIEW: "Batman Incorporated" #6

CBR Reviewer Doug Zawisza gives "Batman Incorporated" #6 4 stars saying of Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham's latest issue, "this is a fun comic...completely welcoming of new readers."

CBR Forums Cameo in

CBR Forums Cameo in "Batman Incorporated"

CBR's own forums, under the pseudonym of "Gotham Guardians," are featured in the latest issue of DC Comics' "Batman Incorporated" as Bruce Wayne surfs the web for reactions to his recent announcement.


REVIEW: "Batman Incorporated" #4

Chad Nevett gives Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham's "Batman Incorporated" #4 a 4.5 star reviews, calling the Batwoman-centric story "one of the single best issues in Morrison’s tenure on the character "


PREVIEW: "Batman Inc." #4

DC Comics has released a preview for "Batman Incorporated" #4 written by Grant Morrison and illustrated by newly-exclusive artist Chris Burnham. Batwoman guest stars Wednesday, March 23.

C2E2: DC Universe Panel

C2E2: DC Universe Panel

DC announced that "Batman Inc." artist Chris Burnham is now exclusive as Eddie Berganza led a wide-ranging discussion with Gail Simone, Scott Snyder, Kevin Maguire, Brian Azzarello, and more at C2E2's DC Universe panel.

PRESS RELEASE: "The Amory Wars" #1 $1 Edition in March


REVIEW: "Batman and Robin" #16

Tim Callahan gave "Batman and Robin" #16, the final Grant Morrison issue with Cameron Stewart, Chris Burnham and Frazer Irving on art, 4 stars, calling it "part wrap-up, part celebration and part artistic jam session."

PRESS RELEASE: Image Continues "Next Issue Project" with "Crack Comics" #63


Theatre-Comics: "The Astronaut's Birthday"

Playing now at Chicago's Museum of Contemporary Art, Redmoon Theatre's "The Astronaut's Birthday" is an 80-foot tall Kibyesque comic book with elements of live performance. CBR has a full review.

Joe Casey & Chris Burnham get

Joe Casey & Chris Burnham get "Downe"

Forget the Comics Code, "Nixon's Pals" creators Joe Casey and Chris Burnham get violent in "Officer Downe," a new one-shot available from Image Comics this July.