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Comics A.M. - Steve Ditko <i>Won't</i> Be Appearing At London Convention

Comics A.M. - Steve Ditko Won't Be Appearing At London Convention

Press release announcing Steve Ditko's attendance at London Super Comic Convention apparently a hoax! "Classics Illustrated" ebooks to debut in China! Chris Giarrusso talks "G-Man" and all-ages comics! Cullen Bunn on "The Sixth Gun"!

ECCC12: Kirkman and Company Discuss Skybound

ECCC12: Kirkman and Company Discuss Skybound

Robert Kirkman headlined a panel featuring Skybound creators discussing the direction of the imprint and what to expect from current and upcoming projects. Plus, "The Walking Dead for Kids!"

PRESS RELEASE: Emerald City Comicon Debuts "Tales from the Con" Original Webcomic

PRESS RELEASE: Jim Hanley's Universe Hosts pre-NYCC Signing Event


COMMENTARY TRACK: "Image United" #0

Robert Kirkman offers CBR readers a behind-the-scenes look at the special "Image United" prelude story while "G-Man" creator Chris Giarrusso talks about his back up strip featured in the issue, "Image Untied."

PRESS RELEASE: Live The COmic Even More In The Second All-New "G-Man Cape Crisis" Video Game

Chris Giarrusso Flies with

Chris Giarrusso Flies with "G-Man: Cape Crisis"

The "Mini Marvels" creator brings his style and humor to "G-Man: Cape Crisis," an all-new Image miniseries. Giarrusso spoke with CBR about "Cape Crisis," the G-Man universe and how it differs from his "Mini Marvels" work.

PRESS RELEASE: Chris Giarrusso's "G-Man: Cape Crisis" Maintains A Price Lower Than Ever Before

PRESS RELEASE: Chris Giarrusso's G-Man Brings His "Cape Crisis" to Image

PRESS RELEASE: Chris Giarrusso's "G-Man: Learning to Fly" Lands in May

Chris Giarrusso Talks G-Man!

Chris Giarrusso Talks G-Man!

Coming in May from the creator of "Mini Marvels" is "G-Man: Learning to Fly," a new Image Comics collection of humorous all-ages strips by Chris Giarrusso. CBR spoke with the cartoonist about his work on the series.

Giarrusso Talks “Mini Marvels: Secret Invasion”

Giarrusso Talks “Mini Marvels: Secret Invasion”

“Mini Marvels: Secret Invasion” is now on sale, featuring the adventures of tiny Marvel heroes fighting wee villains. CBR News caught up with cartoonist Chris Giarrusso to discuss the all-ages book.

PRESS RELEASE: "Mini Marvels" digest gets second printing

Giarrusso talks Mini Marvels: Rock, Paper Scissors

Giarrusso talks Mini Marvels: Rock, Paper Scissors

Cartoonist Chris Giarrusso sits down with CBR News to talk about Mini Marvels: Rock, Paper, Scissors, the new digest collecting the comic strip adventures of Marvel's bite-sized heroes.