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Keatinge Explores Dark & Dangerous Universes in

Keatinge Explores Dark & Dangerous Universes in "What If? Age of Ultron"

Joe Keatinge explains the latest "What If?" miniseries, which explores parallel Marvel Universes that could result from the fractured time-space continuum.


COMMENTARY TRACK: Jim Zub on "Skullkickers" #14

"Skullkickers" writer and co-creator Jim Zubkavich sat down with CBR News to discuss the origins of Rex's weapon, Thool's relaxed dialog, and what's coming up next in the Image Comics series.

ONE TO WATCH: Jim Zubkavich

ONE TO WATCH: Jim Zubkavich

"Skullkickers" creator Jim Zubkavich spoke with CBR about how he got into comics, his fantasy origins and why the leads of his breakthrough series were introduced to the comic buying public before they even had names!

PRESS RELEASE: Skullkickers #2 Sells Out Almost Immediately After Release

PRESS RELEASE: "Skullkickers" #1 Second Printing Sells Out Before Release


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Skullkickers" #1

Courtesy of Image Comics, CBR presents an exclusive, extended preview of "Skullkickers" #1 by creator/writer Jim Zubkavich and the art team of Chris Stevens, Edwin Huan and Misty Coates. The issue hits September 22.

PRESS RELEASE: "Skullkickers" #1 Sells Out, Headed for Second Printing

"Skullkickers" Bashes Your Face In

We spoke with writer Jim Zubkavich about his new Image series "Skullkickers," described as "a buddy cop film slammed into 'Army of Darkness'" about two unnamed monster hunters with plenty of brawn and very few brains.