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Beranek & Crawford Look for

Beranek & Crawford Look for "Validation"

Christian Beranek & Kelci Crawford tell CBR about their webcomic "Validation," which explores the life and struggles of a transgender fan girl.

Comics A.M. - Could NYCC Become The Comic Convention"?" class="tnail" />

Comics A.M. - Could NYCC Become "The Comic Convention"?

An argument for 2013 as New York Comic Con's breakout year! Another look at Clark Kent's departure from Daily Planet! Christian Beranek on gender identity and comics! Interviews with "Luther Strode" collaborators, Noah Van Sciver and more!

Beranek & DiGerolamo Open The Webcomic Factory

Beranek & DiGerolamo Open The Webcomic Factory

Christian Beranek and Tony DiGerolamo discuss their new webcomic hub, explaining how the internet born format is continuously changing the way comics and other forms of media are being produced.

PRESS RELEASE: Christian Beranek Launches "Unhappy White Girls" Kickstarter Project

PRESS RELEASE: Beranek and DiGerolamo launch The Webcomic Factory

CCC09: Disney’s Kingdom Comics

CCC09: Disney’s Kingdom Comics

Christian Beranek previewed plans for Disney's Kingdom Comics line at Wizard Wold Chicago. While not getting specific, the editor confirmed Kingdom will focus on re-imagined live-action properties.