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Mark Long Modernizes

Mark Long Modernizes "The Seven Samurai" In Archaia's "Rubicon"

"Rubicon" author Mark Long discusses adapting Kurosawa's "Seven Samurai" to reflect modern warfare, developing characters in the middle of a fire fight and the responsibility to paint a realistic picture of war.

"Jack Reacher" Director, Actors Talk Car Chases & Casting Tom Cruise

"Jack Reacher" writer/director Christopher McQuarrie led a discussion on the controversy surrounding the casting of Tom Cruise in the lead role, working with Werner Herzog and shooting the film's big car-chase sequence.

"The Wolverine" Gets Official Release Date

After a number of production delays, James Mangold's follow-up to "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" starring Hugh Jackman is back on track with an official release date of July 26, 2013.

SPINOFF: McQuarrie To Write Star Blazers Film

SPINOFF: McQuarrie To Write Star Blazers Film

Skydance will hire Christopher McQuarrie to write a live-action Star Blazers film, SPINOFF reports, marking the third attempt to film the American dub of Space Battleship Yamato.

McQuarrie to Write New Wolverine Film

McQuarrie to Write New Wolverine Film

The Oscar-winning screenwriter of "The Usual Suspects," Christopher McQuarrie has signed on to write the sequel to "X-Men Origins Wolverine," which he will base on Chris Claremont & Frank Miller's work.