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Gage Is Ready For

Gage Is Ready For "Invaders Now!"

This September, co-writers Alex Ross and Christos Gage and artist Caio Reiss kick off "Invaders Now!" which finds the titular WWII team reassembling to combat a present day threat. We spoke with Gage about the project.


REVIEW: "Avengers Academy" #2

Timothy Callahan gave "Avengers Academy" #2 a 4 star review, saying of the Christos Gage/Mike McKone produced series, "This is one of the good ones, in a season when Marvel has had more than its share."


REVIEW: "Avengers Academy" #1

Doug Zawisza gave Marvel's "Avengers Academy" #1 a 3 star review saying, "[Christos] Gage sets the table quite nicely" and "[Mike] McKone is a masterful artist who handles a wide range of characters to great effect."

The Dark Secret of

The Dark Secret of "Avengers Academy"

In the final pages of "Avengers Academy" #1, writer Christos Gage and artist Mike McKone dropped a bombshell about what's really going on. We spoke with Gage and editor Bill Rosemann about the shocking revelation.

PRESS RELEASE: Brian Michael Bendis, Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction and Christos Gage sign at Midtown Comics Time Square, NYC

Gage and Parker Get

Gage and Parker Get "Scared Straight"

We spoke with Christos Gage and Jeff Parker about August's "Scared Straight" crossover featuring a face-to-face interaction gone awry between the students of Avengers Academy and super powered felons, the Thunderbolts.

HeroesCon: Mondo Marvel

HeroesCon: Mondo Marvel

Saturday's Mondo Marvel panel offered HeroesCon attendees glimpses into the Heroic Age, editorial impact from the Disney sale, a Nazi love story that never was, behind the scenes story processes and plenty more.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Avengers Academy" #1

Courtesy of Marvel Comics, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Avengers Academy" #1, by writer Christos Gage and artist Mike McKone with covers by McKone and Marko Djurjevic. The issue hits stores June 9.


PREVIEW: "Avengers Academy" #1

Marvel Comics has just released an advance look at "Avengers Academy" #1. The new series, written by Christos Gage and featuring art by Mike McKone, will be debuting in comic stores June 3, 2010.

C2E2: Gage's “Avengers Academy” Faculty

C2E2: Gage's “Avengers Academy” Faculty

Marvel revealed at C2E2 the heroes that will make up the core faculty of the upcoming “Avengers Academy” series. CBR News spoke with writer Christos Gage about the characters and what they bring to the curriculum.

C2E2: Avatar Press Panel

C2E2: Avatar Press Panel

E-i-C William Christensen joined writers Christos Gage, Mike Wolfer and Brian Pulido and artist Jacen Burrows to talk about Lady Death, "Crossed," "Absolution" and much more during the Avatar Press panel at C2E2.

C2E2: Gage on

C2E2: Gage on "Spider-Man/Fantastic Four"

The team behind the "X-Men/Spider-Man" miniseries reunites to present four new untold era-spanning tales of Spidey-centric team-ups. CBR spoke with writer Christos Gage about "Spider-Man/Fantastic Four."

Christos Gage Enrolls At

Christos Gage Enrolls At "Avengers Academy"

In the Marvel Universe, school won't be out for summer – it will be just starting as the new ongoing series “Avengers Academy” begins in June. CBR News spoke with writer Christos Gage about his early plans for the series.

"Avengers Academy" Open Enrollment Continues

Marvel finishes out the week with two more students enrolling in "Avengers Academy's" summer session. Coeds Finesse and Hazmat will be a part of the June-launching series written by Christos Gage and illustrated by Mike McKone.

Fortress Joins

Fortress Joins "Avengers Academy" Student Body

Marvel introduces Fortress to the swelling roster of students enrolled in this June's "Avengers Academy" via a new teaser image. The series launches in June from the creative team of Christos Gage and Mike McKone.

Reptil Enrolls In

Reptil Enrolls In "Avengers Academy"

Reptil will be having his picture taken for the "Avengers Academy" yearbook as the "Avengers: The Initiative" character graduates to the new title by Christos Gage and Mike McKone. "Avengers Academy" opens its doors in June.

"Avengers Academy" Adds A New Student

Marvel comics has unveiled the second student to enroll in Christos Gage and Mike McKone's "Avengers Academy," with a McKone illustrated teaser featuring another new character, Striker. School is in session in June.

Marvel Opens

Marvel Opens "Avengers Academy" in June

Marvel has released a teaser image for their new "Avengers Academy" title featuring a new character named Veil. The new series, helmed by the creative team of Christos Gage and Mike McKone, launches in June, 2010.

Gage on

Gage on "Siege: Captain America"

In "Siege: Captain America," writer Christos Gage examines what the smaller battles in the titular conflict means for Marvel's two Caps. We spoke with Gage and his editor Bill Rosemann about the one-shot.

Christos Gage's War

Christos Gage's War "Initiative"

This January, writer Christos Gage kicks off a new arc in "Avengers: The Initiative" that ties into the Avengers "Siege" event by plunging his large cast into a two-front war. CBR News spoke with Gage about his plans for the series.

Gage Enters

Gage Enters "Dante's Inferno"

This December, WildStorm and EA take readers to Hell with "Dante's Inferno," a six-issue limited series that is based on the upcoming game. CBR spoke with series writer Christos Gage this week about his journey into the Nine Circles.

Gage Takes

Gage Takes "The Initiative"

"Avengers: The Initiative" features a huge cast of characters, and in the months ahead, they all face life-threatening challenges. CBR spoke with Christos Gage about the series, which will play an important role in "Siege."



Now in control of America's Initiative program, Norman Osborn can put supervillain teams in every state in the Union. We spoke with “Avengers: The Initiative” writer Christos Gage about his plans for the Marvel series.

NYCC: Comics Writers on Comics Writing

NYCC: Comics Writers on Comics Writing

Walt & Louise Simonson, Colleen Doran, Christos Gage, Tom DeFalco and Jimmy Palmiotti met with fans in New York to discuss their careers as comics writers and the challenges of working in the singular medium.

NYCC: Gage and Faerber Talk “WoK: Warriors”

NYCC: Gage and Faerber Talk “WoK: Warriors”

"War of Kings: Warriors,” a Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited exclusive miniseries, was announced Friday afternoon at NYCC. CBR News spoke with Christos Gage and Jay Faerber about the bi-weekly series.

X-POSITION: Christos Gage

X-POSITION: Christos Gage

Writer Christos Gage answers your questions about the “X-Men/Spider- Man” miniseries and shines a light on the “Avengers: The Initiative” as well. Plus exclusive artwork by the incomparable Mario Alberti!

Shipping Out: Slott Talks “Avengers: The Initiative”

Shipping Out: Slott Talks “Avengers: The Initiative”

“Avengers: The Initiative #20, co-writer Dan Slott's final issue on the series, shipped to comic shops January 2nd. CBR News spoke with him about the issue and his experiences working on the series.

CBR TV: Christos Gage

CBR TV: Christos Gage

The writer of "Avengers: The Initiative" among other titles for Marvel and Wildstorm, Christos Gage stops by CBR TV to discuss "Absolution," his new series from Avatar about a superhero cop who's mad as hell and can't take it anymore!

X-POSITION: Spider-Man!?

X-POSITION: Spider-Man!?

Writer Christos Gage stops by X-POSITION to talk about his and artist Marco Alberti's new miniseries, "X-Men/Spider-Man," featuring a Spidey for every era. We also touch on House of M, the Initiative and more.

FAN EXPO: Gage & Alberti on

FAN EXPO: Gage & Alberti on "X-Men / Spider-Man"

In November’s “X-Men/Spider-Man,” miniseries, mutants and spider-men from different eras come together for a series of stand-alone adventures by Christos Gage and Mario Alberti, who spoke with us about the project.

PRESS RELEASE: Marvel unleashes "Civil War: House of M" early preview

CCI: Christos Gage discusses

CCI: Christos Gage discusses "Absolution"

Christos Gage talks to CBR News about Avatar's "Absolution," which sees straight-and-narrow superhero John Dusk pushed over the edge by the horrors of his chosen profession.

WW Chicago: Avatar Press

WW Chicago: Avatar Press

Editor-in-Chief William Christiansen chugged Red Bull and teased 2009 at Avatar's hung-over Sunday morning congregation in Chicago, where he told fans to expect new work from Alan Moore next year.

Dynamite Comics On Sale June 25, 2008

Dynamite Comics On Sale June 25, 2008

Courtesy of Dynamite, CBR brings you advance looks at new comics on sale this week including "Project Superpowers" #4 and "The Man With No Name: The Good, The Bad and The Uglier" #2.

Magnetized: Gage talks

Magnetized: Gage talks "Civil War: House of M"

In September's "Civil War: House of M," writer Christos Gage takes readers back to the alternate reality for a look at how Magneto became master of the world. CBR spoke with him about the Andrea Di Vito-drawn series.

WW Philly: Gage Unleashes War Machine

WW Philly: Gage Unleashes War Machine

Christos Gage will pen a three-issue "Secret Invasion" arc on "Iron Man: Director of S.H.I.E.L.D" beginning with #33. This story is complete with a special warning for the Skrulls to watch out for War Machine.

Monsters and Marvels: Gage Talks “Thunderbolts”

Monsters and Marvels: Gage Talks “Thunderbolts”

Lighting strikes twice for writer Christos Gage with two upcoming Thunderbolts projects. We spoke with him about his "Secret Invasion" arc on "Thunderbolts" and his one-shot “Reason in Madness.”

OFF TO WAR: Slott & Gage on “Avengers: The Initiative”

OFF TO WAR: Slott & Gage on “Avengers: The Initiative”

Things aren't easy for the heroes of Avengers: The Initiative, with those who pass their exams and survive graduation still having to battle a Skrull Invasion. CBR spoke with writers Dan Slott & Christos Gage about their plans for the book.