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"City of Heroes" Fans Raise $678,000 For Replacement Game

Fans of the shuttered "City of Heroes" online video game have begun a Kickstarter for "City of Titans," a "spiritual successor" to the MMO.

2012: The Year of the Comic Book Video Game

2012: The Year of the Comic Book Video Game

CBR looks back at one of the most eventful and significant years for comic book video games in recent memory including Telltale's acclaimed "The Walking Dead," the closure of "City of Heroes" and more.

"City of Heroes" To Shut Down By 2013

Paragon Studios announced that the world's first superhero MMORPG "City of Heroes" will come to a close by the end of 2012 due to NCsoft's decision to close the studio.

"City of Heroes" Soon to be Free-to-Play

NCSoft has announced plans to convert its popular comic book-style MMORPG "City of Heroes" from a pay to a free-to-play model in late 2011.