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Axel-In-Charge - 3/27/2015

Axel-In-Charge - 3/27/2015

Axel Alonso talks the freshly revealed lineups of the "All-New, All Different Avengers" and "Uncanny Inhumans," plus "Civil War" and "Hail Hydra."

Soule & Yu Reignite

Soule & Yu Reignite "Civil War" During "Secret Wars"

"Secret Wars" isn't the only war Marvel is revisiting this summer -- Charles Soule and Leinil Yu are teaming on a follow-up to "Civil War."

Mark Millar Discusses

Mark Millar Discusses "Civil War," Spider-Man's Impact on the MCU

The author of the "Civil War" comic series talks Marvel bringing the story to the big screen and Spider-Man coming to the MCU.

"Why Reed Richards Supported the Superhero Registration Act" & More Comic Book Retcons

CSBG has an archive of notable comic book retcons, like the explanation for why Reed supported the Superhero Registration Act during "Civil War."

Marvel, Sony Discussed Spider-Man's

Marvel, Sony Discussed Spider-Man's "Captain America: Civil War" Involvement

Marvel Studios wanted to include Spider-Man in 2016's "Captain America: Civil War," according to emails leaked this week from the Sony Pictures hack.

Comics A.M. -

Comics A.M. - "Attack on Titan" Creator Honored By Hometown

Hajime Isayama named "Tourism Friendship Ambassador"! "Plants vs. Zombies: Lawnmageddon" has 500,000 copies in print! Steven McNiven reflects on "Civil War"!

Marvel Teases

Marvel Teases "Age of Ultron" Vs. "Marvel Zombies" Throwdown

Marvel's kicking off Tuesday with a teaser image hyping a crossover between "Age of Ultron" and "Marvel Zombies."

Marvel Teases

Marvel Teases "Civil War" Return for Summer 2015

At NYCC, Marvel announced plans for a new "Secret Wars" event, and now the publisher is teasing a return for "Civil War."

"Civil War" Breaks Out Among Hollywood’s Costumed Heroes

It's a case of life imitating art as Spider-Man and two Captain America came to blows on Hollywood Boulevard over a battle for costumed impersonator turf. ROBOT 6 has more details.

"Slott and Nicieza Poke Fun at 'Civil War'" & More Meta-Messages!

Comic book writers often use their characters to comment on the work of their peers, and CSBG's archive of these "meta-messages" includes when Dan Slott and Fabian Nicieza poked fun at Speedball during "Civil War."

PRESS RELEASE: Marvel's "Civil War" Prose Novel Now Available in Audiobook Format

Bendis Looks Back on His Term as the

Bendis Looks Back on His Term as the "Avengers" Assemblyman

Brian Michael Bendis recently finished a record-breaking 8-year run on Marvel's Avengers family of titles and CBR News got a chance to speak with him about that run. Today we present part one of our two part interview.

Zen Recruits Captain America, Iron Man for New

Zen Recruits Captain America, Iron Man for New "Civil War" Marvel Pinball Table

CBR spoke with Zen Studios and Marvel games about the latest result of their collaboration -- a new Marvel Pinball table based on Mark Millar's "Civil War."

NYCC: Axel Alonso, Peter David & Others On Marvel's Prose Novels

NYCC: Axel Alonso, Peter David & Others On Marvel's Prose Novels

During New York Comic Con writers and editors including Peter David, Axel Alonso, Stuart Moore, Alisa Kwitney and Marie Javins assembled to discuss Marvel’s line of prose novels based on popular storylines from the comic books.

PRESS RELEASE: Marvel's "Civil War" Prose Novel Adapted Into Audiobook


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Marvel's "Civil War" Novel

In an exclusive excerpt, writer Stuart Moore offers up a new prose take on the best-selling "Civil War" comic as first-time Avenger Spider-Man sees the devastation in Stamford, CT and weighs life as a single superhero.

Stuart Moore Readies Marvel's

Stuart Moore Readies Marvel's "Civil War" for Prose

Marvel Comics heads to the world of prose fiction in 2012 with a new line of novels retelling its most popular storylines, launching with Mark Millar's "Civil War" as adapted by "Wolverine" writer Stuart Moore.

CBR's Decade In Review: 2003-2006

CBR's Decade In Review: 2003-2006

CBR's reporters look back at the events of 2003 through 2006 as they continue their journey through the rapidly closing decade and find that a lot of astonishing comics came out in the course of those four years...

PRESS RELEASE: "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2" Downloadable Content Now Available

Marvel Comics On Sale October 1st, 2008

Marvel Comics On Sale October 1st, 2008

Courtesy of Marvel, CBR brings you advance looks at new comics on sale next Wednesday including "Civil War: House of M" #2, "Marvel Apes" #3, "Punisher War Journal" #24, "Venom: Dark Origin" #3 and more.



CBR's series of interviews with comics' top editors continues today with Tom Brevoort, Executive Editor at Marvel and responsible for such books as "Secret Invasion," "Civil War," "Captain America" and much more.

PRESS RELEASE: Marvel unleashes "Civil War: House of M" early preview

Flogging A Dead Horse - 5/17/2006

Flogging A Dead Horse - 5/17/2006

Paul does a podcast from the freeway and Torak the Slayer takes a very important phone call.

Flogging A Dead Horse - 5/4/2006

Flogging A Dead Horse - 5/4/2006

In which Paul and Joe Quesada talk up "Civil War" on National Public Radio.