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New "Flash" Images Reveal Plastique, Girder

After a a week off, "The Flash" is back with new episodes this Tuesday and next, featuring the introduction of two more DC Comics-based villains.

Clancy Brown Joins

Clancy Brown Joins "The Flash" Cast As DC Villain The General

The hulking Justice League villain will get a go at Barry Allen this fall thanks to genre and comic acting veteran Clancy Brown.

PRESS RELEASE: "Robot Chicken DC Comics Special II: Villains in Paradise" Set For April 6 Debut

Clancy Brown Suits Up For

Clancy Brown Suits Up For "Sparks," Weighs In on Eisenberg's Lex Luthor

The legendary Lex Luthor voice actor discusses his role in "Sparks," his current Red Hulk gig, Jesse Eisenberg's casting as the next Lex and more.


SDCC: "The Goon" Kickstarter Panel

Creator Eric Powell and Blur Studios' Tim Miller and Jeff Fowler, updated Kickstarter backers and fans on the status of the animated "Goon" film and the continuing challenge in bringing it to the big screen.


Unmasking "Ultimate Spider-Man's" Deadpool with Joe Kelly & Cort Lane

Writer and Man of Action member Joe Kelly talks with CBR and show producer Cort Lane about his return to scripintg Deadpool for the latest episode of Disney XD's "Ultimate Spider-Man."

Folino, Katt & Busey Create Superpowered Indie Film

Folino, Katt & Busey Create Superpowered Indie Film "Sparks"

Co-creators Chris Folino & William Katt and actor Jake Busey discuss the making of "Sparks," a noirish indie superhero film pitting Chase Williamson's fugitive hero against Katt's psychotic serial killer.

The CBR Review:

The CBR Review: "Cowboys & Aliens"

Jon Favreau's "Cowboys & Aliens" is a solid film that will please fans of the Western and sci-fi genres, offering solid performances from a likable ensemble who elevate the film above its few flaws.

Clancy Brown Voices the Rhino on

Clancy Brown Voices the Rhino on "The Spectacular Spider-Man"

He's starred in the likes of "The Shawshank Redemption" and "Carnivale," lent a voice to Lex Luthor and Mr. Krabs, and now Clancy Brown is set to voice the Rhino in "The Spectacular Spider-Man."

PRESS RELEASE: The Rhino makes his "Spectacular Spider-Man" debut