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The Hoebers Embark On

The Hoebers Embark On "The Mission"

"RED" screenwriters Jon and Erich Hoeber make the leap to the paneled page with "The Mission," a new Image Comics and Collider Entertainment title about a man recruited to participate in the war between good and evil.

PRESS RELEASE: Image Comics and Marc Guggenheim's Collider Entertainment Present "The Mission"

Designing The Characters Of

Designing The Characters Of "Halcyon"

Marc Guggenheim and his new artistic partner Ryan Bodenheim take CBR readers inside the design of their Image/Collider superhero series "Halcyon" which bases the super team concept in the real world.

PRESS RELEASE: Marc Guggenheim's "Utopia" Becomes "Halcyon"

CBR TV @ CCI: Marc Guggenheim

CBR TV @ CCI: Marc Guggenheim

Writer Marc Guggenheim spoke with CBR TV's Jonah Weiland about his new Image Comics imprint, Collider Entertainment, his involvement with Warner Bros. Green Lantern movie, and his new creator owned title, "Stringers."

CCI: The Image Comics Panel

CCI: The Image Comics Panel

Robert Kirkman, Marc Guggenheim, Joe Kelly and more were on hand for The Image Comics Show panel, where current and future projects were discussed, as well as company collaborations and new imprints.

CCI EXCLUSIVE: Guggenheim Launches Collider Entertainment

CCI EXCLUSIVE: Guggenheim Launches Collider Entertainment

Comics and Hollywood meet with Collider Entertainment, an Image imprint overseen by Marc Guggenheim. We spoke about their first titles, overcoming the Hollywood stigma and more.

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