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Cover of the Week - January 16

Cover of the Week - January 16

This week, The Stalk gets clingy, Agent Anders gets creepy, "Comeback" gets minimalistic, the Illuminati gets the fingers and Conan gets bloody.

Brisson Stages A

Brisson Stages A "Comeback" For Time Travel

Writer/Letterer Ed Brisson spoke with CBR News about "Comeback," a mini-series following two time travel agents and the conflicts they face working for an illegal operation.

Valentino on Pitches,

Valentino on Pitches, "Comebacks," and Wiebe & Rossmo at Shadowline

Jim Valentino, the man behind the show at Image Comics imprint Shadowline, talks to CBR News about "Peter Panzerfaust," "Debris," and other projects -- plus what he looks for in a pitch.