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Flanagan & Johnson Amalgamate Dynamite's

Flanagan & Johnson Amalgamate Dynamite's "Cryptozoic Man"

Comic Book Men and "Cryptozoic Man" creators Walt Flanagan and Bryan Johnson discuss the series' recent debut on the AMC show and more.

CCI: Kevin Smith Holds Court On

CCI: Kevin Smith Holds Court On "Comic Book Men" and the Future

Returning to Comic-Con International, Kevin Smith discussed his AMC reality series "Comic Book Men," his thoughts on the growth of the convention and the future of View Askew.

PRESS RELEASE: AMC Releases CCI Schedule For "Walking Dead," "Breaking Bad" & "Comic Book Men"

AMC Launches Kevin Smith's

AMC Launches Kevin Smith's "Comic Book Men"

Kevin Smith and his friends, the cast of AMC's "Comic Book Men," took to the stage to field questions, divulge show details and secrets and explain what fans can expect from the reality series.

Kevin Smith: Proud To Be A

Kevin Smith: Proud To Be A "Comic Book Man"

Writer, director and podcaster Kevin Smith spoke with the press in New York City to talk about everything, from his upcoming AMC TV series "Comic Book Men" to the power of his SmodCast and much more.