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REVIEW: Faerber and Godlewski's

REVIEW: Faerber and Godlewski's "Copperhead" #5 is a "Vibrant Read"

Faerber and Godlewski's "character work and... world building continue to impress" in "Copperhead" #5.

REVIEW: Faerber & Godlewski's

REVIEW: Faerber & Godlewski's "Copperhead" #1

Jay Faerber and Scott Godlewski's "Copperhead" #1 is "a rock solid first issue" that creates a new fantastic series with a western twist.

CBR TV: Jay Faerber on Creator-Owned Appeal,

CBR TV: Jay Faerber on Creator-Owned Appeal, "Copperhead's" Western Roots

Writer Jay Faerber talks to CBR TV about the genesis of his creator-owned journey, what TV writing taught him about comics and his new Image series.


Faerber's "Copperhead" Strikes in September

There's a new sheriff in town, and she isn't here to make friends. Jay Faerber talks with CBR about his new sci-fi Western series from Image Comics.