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Ennis Discusses

Ennis Discusses "Crossed: Badlands'" Plague Origin Story Arc

Garth Ennis discusses returning to his most violent series, revealing why he decided to tell the secret behind the Crossed plague. Plus, exclusive art!

PRESS RELEASE: Garth Ennis Returns to "Crossed"

CBR TV @ NYCC: Ennis Directs

CBR TV @ NYCC: Ennis Directs "Crossed" and Murders "The Boys"

Writer Garth Ennis made his first CBR TV appearance at New York Comic Con to tease a return to "The Punisher," talk about the "Crossed" webisodes he's directing and ending "The Boys."

NYCC: Hine, Spurrier Speak Out On

NYCC: Hine, Spurrier Speak Out On "Crossed"

David Hine and Si Spurrier, the writers behind "Crossed: Badlands" and "Crossed: Wish You Were Here" talk about writing the most violent, twisted comics on the stands and reveal details on the "Crossed: Badlands" annual.

NYCC: Ennis and

NYCC: Ennis and "Crossed" Go Live-Action

At his Avatar spotlight panel at New York Comic Con, Garth Ennis revealed his newest project, a series of live-action "Crossed" webisodes that he will both write and direct, followed by a feature film.

Ennis Takes

Ennis Takes "Crossed" into "Badlands"

"The Boys" co-creator Garth Ennis returns to "Crossed" in March with the ongoing "Badlands" from Avatar Press, and CBR spoke with the famed writer about the brutal, murderous world of the series.

PRESS RELEASE: Avatar Press C-Day Event Kicks Off New Ongoing "Crossed: Badlands"