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PRESS RELEASE: Dark Horse, Square Enix Team for New "Tomb Raider" Comic

CCI: Crystal Dynamics Updates Lara Croft for 2013

CCI: Crystal Dynamics Updates Lara Croft for 2013

Journalist Geoff Keighley and the team from video game developer Crystal Dynamics discuss what makes the newest "Tomb Raider" different and similar to past incarnations.

Lara Croft:

Lara Croft: "Tomb Raider" -- From Then 'Til Now

As the new "Tomb Raider" game inches closer to release, CBR takes a look back at the legacy of infamous heroine and pop culture icon Lara Croft in video games, comics, movies and more.

The Return of

The Return of "Tomb Raider"

The upcoming "Tomb Raider" reboot from Crystal Dynamics isn't what longtime fans would expect. Are you ready for "The Young Lara Croft Chronicles?"

Crystal Dynamics Talks

Crystal Dynamics Talks "Tomb Raider: Underworld"

CBR sits down with Eric Lindstrom, Creative Director of Crystal Dynamic's much anticipated "Tomb Raider: Underworld," to learn about the title's innovations in gameplay, story and "Situational Adrenaline."