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Jonathan Hickman Feels

Jonathan Hickman Feels "Fantastic"

The Fantastic Four are some of Marvel's most popular characters due to their adventures and family dynamic. CBR News spoke with Hickman about his plans to ensure that both elements are part of his run on the title. Updated with exclusive art!


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Fantastic Four" #572

Courtesy of Marvel Comics, CBR presents this exclusive look at a Dale Eaglesham penciled 2-page spread featuring the Counsel of Reed Richards battling for their lives against an angry army of Celestials!

Dale Eaglesham's Final Bow on JSA

Dale Eaglesham's Final Bow on JSA

Fan favorite artist Dale Eaglesham’s final issue of “Justice Society of America” arrives in comic book stores this week and CBR News checked in with him for some parting thoughts and a special dedication.

NYCC: Hickman and Eaglesham Talk “Fantastic Four”

NYCC: Hickman and Eaglesham Talk “Fantastic Four”

When Millar and Hitch's run on Fantastic Four comes to an end, waiting in the wings to take the FF on their next fantastic voyage is the new team of writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Dale Eaglesham.

NYCC: Eaglesham on his Marvel Exclusive Deal

NYCC: Eaglesham on his Marvel Exclusive Deal

In 2009, newly exclusive Marvel artist Dale Eaglesham will show off his signature style on two of Marvel Comics' most popular properties, Spider-Man and “Fantastic Four.” We spoke with Eaglesham about his future at Marvel.

Dale Eaglesham talks

Dale Eaglesham talks "JSA"

Award-winning illustrator Dale Eaglesham loves drawing Alex Ross's Kingdom Come Superman in "Justice Society of America" and can't wait to get his hands dirty with Black Adam. We spoke with the artist at Fan Expo.