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Brereton Celebrates 20 Years of Chilling Adventures with his

Brereton Celebrates 20 Years of Chilling Adventures with his "Nocturnals"

Daniel Brereton talks about returning to his fan-favorite creations with "Nocturnals: Legend," and his hope for more from Eve, Gunwitch and the rest in 2015.

Conversing on Comics with Dan Brereton

Conversing on Comics with Dan Brereton

ROBOT 6 talks with Dan Brereton about his career, his love of monsters, creator-owned versus wprk-for-hire and 20th anniversary plans for “Nocturnals.”

Jai Nitz Wakes Up with

Jai Nitz Wakes Up with "Dream Thief"

Comic Book Resources spoke with Jai Nitz about his upcoming "Dream Thief" from Dark Horse Comics, upending expectations, getting help from your friends and writing for yourself.

CCI: Jesse Blaze Snider Resurrects

CCI: Jesse Blaze Snider Resurrects "Evil Ernie"

This October, Jesse Blaze Snider and Dynamite Entertainment bring "Evil Ernie" back from the dead to crack a few skulls, and crack a few jokes. CBR spoke with Snider about the title.

C2E2: Bobby Curnow Unleashes

C2E2: Bobby Curnow Unleashes "Battle Beasts" at IDW

Bobby Curnow spoke with CBR News about writing the adventures of the all-new "Battle Beasts," laying out his plans for the Diamond Select Toy line's comic book adventures .


PREVIEW: "Hulk" #50

Marvel has released a preview of "Hulk" #50 written by Jeff Parker with art by Carlo Pagulayan and Dan Brereton. The anniversary issue hits April 4.

Dan Brereton Takes

Dan Brereton Takes "Vampirella" to "The Red Room"

"Nocturnals" creator Dan Brereton sits down with CBR News to discuss his upcoming "Vampirella" miniseries, "The Red Room," on sale in March from Dynamite Entertainment.

EXCLUSIVE: Parker Serves Up Titanic Team-Ups in

EXCLUSIVE: Parker Serves Up Titanic Team-Ups in "Hulk"

CBR spoke with "Hulk" writer Jeff Parker about his plans for Red Hulk including a reunion with his estranged, gamma-powered daughter, and a reluctant team-up with Venom and two other heroes.

PRESS RELEASE: Faraci and Brereton's "The Last Battle" Brings Historic War Fiction to Image Comics

PRESS RELEASE: Hero Initiative & Matt Wagner Visit BIG WOW! Comic-Fest

Hero Initiative's

Hero Initiative's "New Avengers" Gallery

Hero Initiative has provided CBR with the complete gallery of their New Avengers-themed fundraiser featuring art from Alan Davis, Walt Simonson, John Byrne, Adam Kubert, Mike Deodato, Amanda Conner and more.

Brereton Rides Again with

Brereton Rides Again with "Red Sonja"

Dan Brereton puts down the pencil and picks up the pen as writer on the upcoming one-shot "Red Sonja: Deluge." Brereton spoke with CBR about returning once more to the world of the bikini clad redheaded warrior.

Remender Ends

Remender Ends "FrankenCastle" and Resurrects "The Punisher"

Rick Remender brings to a close the Punisher's time as an undead monster with "FrankenCastle" #21 and begins what will be his last Frank Castle tale with the "Punisher: In the Blood" miniseries.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Dracula: The Company of Monsters"

Courtesy of BOOM! Studios, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Dracula: The Company of Monsters" #1 by Kurt Busiek, Daryl Gregory and Scott Godlewski with a cover by Dan Brereton.

PRESS RELEASE: Dan Brereton Takes on "Red Sonja"

PRESS RELEASE: Filmmaker's "Claw and Fang" Comic to Debut with Dan Brereton Cover

EXCLUSIVE: Dan Brereton's

EXCLUSIVE: Dan Brereton's "Anchor" #3 Variant

Courtesy of BOOM! Studios, CBR brings you an exclusive first look at Dan Brereton's variant cover for "the third issue of "The Anchor," the new series by Phil Hester and Brian Churilla.

Brereton Stays Up With

Brereton Stays Up With "Nocturnals"

Image releases "Nocturnals: The Dark Forever and Other Tales," the second collected edition of Dan Brereton's "Nocturnals" series. Brereton spoke with CBR about the hardcover and his future plans for the Nocturnals.

PRESS RELEASE: Hero Intiative Announces Super-Con Plans

PRESS RELEASE: Hero Initiative, ComicArtFans.com team up for membership drive

Fraction Talks

Fraction Talks "God-Sized" Thor

In December's “Thor: God-Sized," Thor, Loki and Balder undertake a quest to discover why their memories of legendary Asgardian Skurge The Executioner are changing. CBR spoke with writer Matt Fraction about the one-shot.

PRESS RELEASE: Dan Brereton writes, covers "Vampirella"

NYCC: Brereton Returns to

NYCC: Brereton Returns to "Nocturnals," with Friends

Dan Brereton returns with the first new Nocturnals story in years, and CBR News has the details and exclusive art. Find out what changes "Carnival of Beasts," an Image one-shot, has in store for our nocturnal heroes.