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Actor/Creator Dan Fogler Talks

Actor/Creator Dan Fogler Talks "Moon Lake" v2, "Star Wars," & Playing Kinison

Actor and "Moon Lake" v2 creator Dan Fogler tells CBR about his second horror/sci-fi anthology, his love of the format, what role he wants in "Star Wars," how he almost played Sam Kinison and more.

Fogler Takes a Trip to

Fogler Takes a Trip to "Moon Lake"

Actor/director/creator Dan Fogler spoke with CBR about creating "Moon Lake," Archaia Comics' new horror pulp collection filled with irreverent humor, amazing stories and one fat Hitchcockian demon narrator.

PRESS RELEASE: Archaia Announces "Moon Lake" Horror Anthology

CCI: Fogler Takes Readers to

CCI: Fogler Takes Readers to "Moon Lake"

Actor Dan Fogler joins with Archaia and a host of collaborators to launch "Moon Lake," a new anthological graphic novel that explores the more supernaturally scary and mind-bendingly hilarious side of comics.